Sunday, May 3, 2015

This Bud's For You

... it may be but there are times when you ought to just forget about it.

Michael Brown was up from Texas driving his white Chevrolet Monte Carlo though Belgrade. When stopped for suspicion of DUI, he added a new un-requested element to the Standard Field Sobriety Test.

Belgrade Police Officer Jesse Stovall spotted the vehicle as it passed him on Main Street. Stovall saw the vehicle weave out of its lane. Stovall pulled the driver over and made contact with Michael Brown, the sole occupant of the vehicle.
Brown lit a cigarette and Stovall said, “his dexterity in his fingers appeared to be diminished as he dropped the lighter on his chest,” charging documents allege.  
Stovall asked Brown for his registration and insurance. Brown handed over his insurance card, but not his registration. Stovall noted that Brown’s eyes were watery and bloodshot and his speech was slurred. Stovall said the odor of an alcoholic beverage was wafting from the car.  
Officer Stovall ordered the man out of his car to perform Standard Field Sobriety Tests. As he exited his car, Brown grabbed an open can of Budweiser from his center console and attempted to drink it. 
Sobriety test -- check. Brown's BAC registered at .198, more than twice the legal limit.  He is charged with his third DUI, violating the open container law and resisting arrest.

Also in Belgrade, Roy J. Littlefield "borrowed" an acquaintance's vehicle for quick errand which turned into a day, and another day, and then another day. And, as it transpired, Littlefield could not resist letting the police know how much he liked them.

The man told Littlefield he could borrow his vehicle for 30 minutes. The vehicle owner said Littlefield never returned the car.
Belgrade Police Officer Anthony Young was patrolling in Belgrade just after midnight on April 13 when he spotted the stolen vehicle. Young activated his emergency lights in an attempt to get the driver to pull over.
Littlefield instead accelerated in the stolen vehicle.
“A brief pursuit ensued,” Young wrote in his report. “I estimated that the above vehicle was traveling at least 10 miles over the posted speed limit of 25 MPH.”
Littlefield abruptly stopped the vehicle, jumped out of the car and started running through Lewis and Clark Park.
Young followed the man on foot and repeatedly told him to stop.
Littlefield ignored the officer.
“I lost sight of the male due to it being dark at the time,” Young stated in his report. “The male was not able to be located that night.”
A warrant was issued for Littlefield’s arrest. On the Belgrade Police Department Facebook page, Littlefield “liked” his own “Wanted” poster and shared it on his personal page with a salty message to police.

Here is the the Belgrade PD Facebook post. Mom, sister and friends got in on the act too.

We are asking for your assistance in locating the following person:
Roy Jonathan Littlefield...
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Based on his Facebook admission of running from the police and the report of the vehicle owner that Littlefield took his car, Littlefield was charged with eluding and obstructing a peace officer, unauthorized use of a vehicle, driving with a suspended license and driving without insurance. Littlefield was also fined for being in a park after dark during his dash from police.
Littlefield is sitting in jail at the Gallatin County Detention Center on $10,000 bond.