Monday, December 30, 2013

Progressive Agenda

People shouldn't work.  Check.

Animals shouldn't work.

Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio vowed to act quickly to abolish horse-drawn carriages in the city. 
"We are going to get rid of the horse carriages. Period,” de Blasio said in response to a question at his press conference announcing his schools chancellor pick Monday. 
“It’s over,” he said. 
carriage shawn inglima.jpg

De Blasio said he would work with existing drivers to set them up with alternative vehicles to ferry tourists around Central Park. 
De Blasio and advocacy groups who support him say it’s inhumane to make the horses work the dangerous city streets, but drivers insist their horses are well cared for and there’s no reason to end the industry.

Check. Thank you for your leadership New York.

Good luck to all.

Good Thing No New Pipelines

Because trains are soooo safe

Can't wait for one of these Warren  Buffet BNSF trains to blow in the valley below our house.

Good luck to all.

Please Don't

Drink and escalator this New Years Eve holiday.

Be careful out there. Good luck to all.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Kathleen Sebelius

She is my person of the year. Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius's private sector job for the decade prior to becoming a full time politician was "executive director and chief lobbyist for the Kansas Trial Lawyers Association (now Kansas Association for Justice)." Imagine that -- a lobbyist for ambulance chasers put in charge of regulating, reforming and reinventing the healthcare system to improve quality, lower cost and create access for all. You get what you vote for and you elect what you get. You all ain't seen nothing yet -- 2014 is coming. Good luck to all. 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Doc Wagamon Letters: Chapter 2, Year of Doc

Playing some catch up here -- our Doc Wagamon watch continues.  He recently called out the slickest politician in the land.
November 20, 2013Letters: Wagamon The Huntsville Item
The year of credibility 
Dear Editor:
The Chinese have a series of animals for each year as it dawns in their calendar,  such as the year of the Dragon, a most desirable year to be born, and the Rat, not quite as good but having its saving graces anyway.
The Democrats have given us a year of events to test our credulity — IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, “If you like your insurance you can keep it,” etc.
Not to be outdone by any of these phony scandals, former President Bill Clinton announced in Beijing that he did not know whether Hillary would run for president in 2016 or not. He went on to say if she did he would support her, and if she did not he would support her decision not to run.
Doc Wagaamon in his WW II  garb. 
We do not know if he shook his finger in the TV camera and said, “I don’t know if that woman is going to run for president or not.” 
But in any case a denial of her presidential plans from someone who is as politically astute as anyone on the planet is unbelievable. Surely this possible run for the presidency has come up over a cup of coffee at some point.
Now that there is a national network of “Hillary for President” in place, surely this topic has been broached by either Bill or Hillary.
Nevertheless we have Bill Clinton the biggest, boldest,________________(you fill in the blank) telling us from Beijing he has no idea what’s going on. He is completely ignorant of Hillary’s political plans.
Just when you think there is not one more instance to test our political credulity, Bill Clinton denies he has not thought of being the “First Husband.”
What a gullible bunch he must think we and the rest of the world are.
Charles Wagamon
- See more at:

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Hallelujah Food Court Flash Mob

Flash Mob Sings Hallelujah Chorus at Food Court for Christmas from Michael Brown on Vimeo.

Happy Blogaversary!

One year and 470 posts ago we started blogging. Thanks to all who stopped by. Here is the first post. Here is the most. We'll put up a compilation list after the first of the year highlighting the top posts of 2013. We hope that many of the thousands who stopped by this year will be checking in during 2014 as well. Have a very Merry Christmas everyone!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

In the National News

Updated 2nd edition, buy it here.
Bozeman, made the front page of the Wall Street Journal Friday below the fold, not for a story on the local economy that's so hot that the minimum wage is virtually meaningless and rental apartments almost impossible to find, not for a report on the burgeoning tourism industry that is driving double digit growth at Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport at Gallitan Field and has made the airport the busiest in the state, and not for a feature on RightNow Technologies which grew from an internet startup to become Bozeman's largest employer, to spawn Montana's current at-large Member of Congress and to be bought out by Oracle and become one its most valued operating divisions.  No, it isn't any of these business or economic stories.  The front page topic is citizen reports to the police department.  The Journal reports,
In this mountain town (pop. 39,000), police officers' duties extend beyond the daily rounds and reports. They provide fodder for one of the hottest books in town, "We Don't Make This Stuff Up: The Very Best of the Bozeman Daily Chronicle Police Reports." 
While some newspapers are banking on the Internet and video to move their business into the 21st century, the Bozeman Daily Chronicle is taking a different tack: turning its police blotter into literature. After more than 100 years of printing, the local broadsheet curates the confusion and mishaps of everyday life and puts these things into a $10 paperback whose second edition is hot off the presses.
Police blotters, laying bare the foibles of the community, have become the focal point of several websites and books around the country. Here in Bozeman, the concept has really taken flight. In addition to the book, the newspaper, which has a news staff of 19, is now offering T-shirts and promoting its wares on a Facebook page that has more than 3,000 "likes." At bookstores and other shops in town, the books are stacked high and sometimes topped with a red or blue flashing light just like a police car.
Here is a sample.
Bozeman Daily ChronicleDecember 18 
From the police reports: An 18-year-old man ate a cookie and started hallucinating while at the Beehive Basin trailhead.
Should have called the pharmacology department on that one. And another.
Bozeman Daily ChronicleDecember 17 
From the police reports: A young child was reportedly walking alone on Fowler Lane. When a deputy contacted the child’s mom, she said the boy had taken a different route home from the bus stop so he could look at Christmas lights.

Bozeman below the fold
Tis the season.  And another.
Bozeman Daily ChronicleDecember 9
From the police reports: A caller complained that Interstate 90 was icy.

This is Montana.  It's December dude. Again.
Chronicle Police ReportsYesterday
An employee of a Frontage Road car dealership backed a Jeep into three Subarus.

More vehicle mayhem. Dogs.

Bozeman Daily ChronicleDecember 5 
From the police reports: A man was seen being dragged by sled dogs on Gooch Hill Road. The caller said it didn’t look like he needed medical attention, just help getting the dogs to stop.  
I'll say. And finally.
Bozeman Daily ChronicleDecember 18 
Great news! Belgrade sculptor Jim Dolan said his three steel horse sculptures have been found! The horses were found dumped on a ranch near Townsend last night and Dolan got them back this morning. Stay tuned for the full story.

Oh, wait.  That last one was real news. Enjoy and good luck to all!

Bozeman police on Main Street.


If you were ever wondered how .....

Do You Hear What I Hear? - Carrie Underwood

Friday, December 20, 2013

Staring at the Black Line

I got back in the pool today and managed to stave off leg cramps until climbing out, when a dose of mustard saved the day again. Later, Leonard, an 84 year old Denver Bronco fan who swims a mile Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, advised I should drink pickle juice to avoid the cramps altogether. Leonard says his wife swears by it; she hasn't had night time leg cramps since she started drinking a daily dose. Straight up cider vinegar gets a heads up on the net -- vinegar apparently being the common ingredient among the self-help remedies. 

When swimming laps, back and forth, back and forth, staring at the bottom of the pool, there is plenty of time to think and sometimes that's exactly what I do. Today, I thought about when I first started swimming for exercise, which was at Stanford in the 1970's. I had always lived in the frigid upper Midwest, but this was California -- what opportunity! I had a mid morning open hour that yielded time to jump on my bike to hightail it across campus to the swimming complex.

Stanford Aquatics center, Google Maps satellite view screenshot.

Back in that day the total aquatics center was the two pools on the left -- a 50-meter Olympic size pool (bottom) and a 25-yard competition pool and diving well (top) with one-meter and three-meter diving boards. The bleachers were there then, but they were completely exposed to the elements. The student/faculty locker rooms were through the entrance under the bleachers to the right. Most days during the school year there was a morning chill so I would dahs out of the locker room straight into the pool, and then rush back out to get under a hot shower when I finished laps. On warm and sunny days I would try to find 5 or 10 minutes to bask in the sun and dry out on the deck. Either way, I'd jump on my bike to get back in class in time for an 11:00 am or noon start.

By the modern picture it is clear that a second Olympic size pool has since been added (right center), as has a much larger and better equipped diving pool (top center), with diving platforms (10, 7.5 and 5 meters) to supplement the standard diving boards. 

I remember one time swimming laps in the competition pool, the fellow in the next lane was motoring back and forth in a rather unique fashion. He was erect, bicycle kicking with his legs beneath the surface while holding weights above his head in each hand. I get exhausted just thinking about it. I asked when he rested for a spell, what in the world he was he doing.  "Training for the Olympics" he said. "Good luck," I responded and put my head back down in the water, continuing my laps. Sure, right, training for the Olympics I thought. We can all have our dreams.

The next time I spied my pool companion was on TV. There he was on the podium receiving the gold medal for the 100 meter breaststroke at the 1976 Summer Olympics in Montreal. "That's him, that's him" I exclaimed, "He wasn't pulling my leg!"

John Hencken competing in the 100 meter breaststroke in the 1976 Summer Olympics.

The swimmer's name is John Hencken. He won two golds in Montreal, one for the 100 meter breaststroke and the other as a member of the 4 x 100 meter U.S. medley relay team. He won a silver in 200 meter breaststroke. Amid the tragedy in Munich four years previous Hencken had won a bronze in the 100 meters, earned gold in the 200 meters and also was awarded gold in the medley relay. Jimmy Carter took away any chance of John gold medaling in a third Olympics when he demanded the U.S. team boycott the Moscow Olympics in 1980.

John Hencken, left, with 100 meter breaststroke Gold Medal at Montreal.

Here is a list of Hencken's world records.

Men1972John Hencken100-Meter Breastroke (1:05.??)
Men1972John Hencken200-Meter Breaststroke (2:22.79)
Men1972John Hencken200-Meter Breaststroke (2:21.65)
Men1972John Hencken400-Meter Medley Relay
Men1973John Hencken100-meter breaststroke (1:04.35)
Men1973John Hencken100-meter breaststroke (1:04.02)
Men1973John Hencken200-meter breaststroke (2:20.52)
Men1974John Hencken100-meter Breaststroke (1:03.88)
Men1974John Hencken200-meter Breaststroke (2:18.93)
Men1974John Hencken200-meter Breaststroke (2:18.21)
Men1976John Hencken100-meter Breaststroke (1:03.88)
Men1976John Hencken100-Meter Breaststroke (1:03.62
Men1976John Hencken100-Meter Breaststroke (1:03.11)
Men1976John Hencken400-Meter Medley Relay

John Hencken is an Olympian, a world champion and fodder for a good old memory.  Good luck to all.

Little Drummer Boy

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mormon Tabernacle Choir - Hallelujah, Christmas

Senator Maximum Baucus to Fly the Coop

Baucus running as far away from ObamaCare as humanly possible.
Senator Max Baucus (D - Mont.) whose legacy for the American people is authorship of the spaghetti mess, power mongering, liberty destroying, choice limiting, anti-work, anti-family, incompetent and destructive fiscal mess known as ObamaCare, can't wait to get out of town. Having previously professed his desire return to Montana when announcing his impending retirement earlier this year, the route to Bozeman will instead include a multi-year stop in Beijing as U.S. ambassador to China. If and when Baucus actually makes it back to the Gallitan Valley I'm not expecting to run into him at any of the daily fee tracks where I play golf. All you upper crusters out there, say a big "Howdy!" to Max when you see him at Spanish Peaks, Moonlight Basin and Black Bull. Thank you and good luck to all!

HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius betrays her ignorance,
ill preparedness and incompetence in a colloquy with 
Senator Max Baucus during a Senate hearing last spring.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A Little Mustard Please?

Bozeman in October was substantially colder than normal, but temperatures bounced back into the normal range during November. Heavy November snows threatened early but skirted our end of Gallitan Valley. Despite several ominous forecasts, we didn't get more than an inch or two of snowfall when storm fronts moved through. That changed the week before Thanksgiving (November 20th to be exact) when we were blanketed with 8 inches of snowfall. With clear fairways we were able to play golf right up through November 19th. After the 20th we are snowed in for the winter.

Bozeman Swim Center, Main Street, has an Olympic
size indoor pool.
So this year, I started lap swimming Thanksgiving week, about two weeks behind the 2012 start. I began at 1,000 yards (40 lengths) and worked up slowly 'til earlier this week we swam a mile (a tad more at 1,800 yards or 76 lengths). Granted, we are not setting any speed records. But it's good daily exercise.

Today I focused on improving my kick, so it was no great surprise on my last lap when my legs starting cramping up. First, my right hamstring cramped. When I got that straightened out my left lower calf suddenly cramped violently. It was literally pulsating.  It wouldn't stop. 

I worked my way over to the deck, grabbed on, and tried to figure how to relieve the spasms. One of the lifeguards noticed my distress and came over to help. Normally if I cramp, the spasms dissipate in a minute or two. Not today. We went through all the positions and postures to seek relief. Nothing helped -- worst cramping ever. I was groaning. Finally Kathryn (the lifeguard) asked if I had ever tried mustard. What?  She ran off to the swing room, grabbed a big plastic squeeze bottle of French's Mustard and squirted out a heaping teaspoon. "Take this," she said. As I swallowed the spasms eased almost immediately. Incredible!

Turns out this self help remedy is well documented and supported in cyber space. Pharmacist Joe Graedon explains as follows.
Q: Years ago, I read in your column about using plain, old yellow mustard for leg cramps. When I get cramps in the calves of my legs at night, they are so severe that I just about break my neck trying to get out of bed as quickly as possible. Standing up and walking around does help a bit, but the cramps still leave me in agony.
Once I swallow a tablespoon of French's mustard, it generally helps me within a minute or so. My daughter suffers from occasional leg cramps as well and also has found relief by taking a spoonful of mustard. When I'm traveling, I make certain that I have a small bottle of mustard in the car with me.
A: We don't know why mustard works so well against muscle cramps. It may be the turmeric included for its yellow color, or it could be the vinegar or the salt. However it works, many readers agree that this remedy has rescued them from excruciating leg cramps.
Here's one story: "Several doctors have run full metabolic panels on me but never found an electrolyte imbalance to explain my horrible leg cramps. One doctor prescribed potassium just in case, but it didn't help. Another suggested calcium -- also no help.
"I took quinine tablets for 10 years until the Food and Drug Administration banned its use for cramps, but it gave only partial relief. Luckily, a friend had read about mustard the same month I stopped quinine, and the years since then have been wonderful.
"Muscle cramps have multiple causes. No one answer seems to work for everyone. But nothing has matched mustard for me. I even keep it in my car for long trips."
Based on my one-shot experience with almost instant relief, I think the impact of mustard is akin to the impact of scaring someone during a bout of hiccups. It is virtually impossible to consciously control an unconscious, autonomous response. For cramps and hiccups attending to and trying to control the source of discomfort actually worsens the situation because focusing on the source creates stress that tightens the cramping muscles. As I was swallowing the mustard I could feel my body's center moving from my calf to the sharp, tangy condiment flowing down my throat, easing the calf muscle as a result. Whatever, the process worked. You can bet I'll stock in a supply of mustard packets for future use.

Read more here:

Christmas Tidings: Tchaikovsky - The Nutcracker: Mariinsky Ballet

Global Warming: Spitting in the Wind

When I posted last week on the global cooling movement of the 70's I knew the paper I cited and quoted at length had a degree of legitimacy and stature because I had researched and written a post on global cooling previously. I had learned that the global coolers were real and mainstream. So I published without taking the time to go too deep last week. I've had time to dig since. I am glad I did.

The cited findings of a steady cooling of the northern hemisphere, shortened growing seasons and more variable climate in the 1970's were presented by Profs. H. Flohn of Germany, H.H. Lamb of the United Kingdom and Reid Bryson of the United States. 

It turns out Professor Reid Bryson was founder of the University of Wisconsin-Madison's meteorology department and Center for Climatic Research, and the first director of the Institute for Environmental Studies. Reid Bryson was one of the pioneers of modern climatology and among the first to explore the influence of climate on humans and human culture.
Bryson was made a Global Laureate by the United Nations Global Environment Program (where global warming, now, a short time later is an article of faith) in 1990. Professor Bryson was also a pioneer in tropical meteorology and hurricane forecasting. Bryson is known as "the father of climatology."

To his dying day, Professor Bryson was a global warming skeptic who is famously known for saying, "You can go outside and spit and have the same effect as doubling carbon dioxide."

Bryson was eulogized as a towering figure in climatology,
Bryson was prescient in grasping the depth and breadth of the many connections between climate, the environment and human society, according to John Kutzbach, UW-Madison professor emeritus of atmospheric and oceanic sciences and one of Bryson's students. "His interdisciplinary interests and knowledge of these topics allowed him to see connections that others missed and to initiate studies that are still at the cutting edge of climate research." 
"Reid was a different kind of scientist. He excelled in the field as well as in the lab with computers," says Jonathan Foley, a UW-Madison climate scientist himself trained by one of Bryson's students. "He had a real world grasp of the influence of climate on people. No one came close to his breadth of understanding."
I attended the University of Wisconsin during Professor Bryson's teaching career. UW is a large University -- but the meteorology department not so much, which means anyone I knew who studied meteorology during my stay in Madison almost certainly studied under Professor Bryson.

Aha! Bill Steffen I thought. Bill grew up in the northern Chicago suburbs, as did I. He attended New Trier High School which was in the same athletic conference as my Niles West. He caddied. I caddied. We were hockey fans and Evans Scholars together at the University of Wisconsin. According to Bill's LinkedIn profile,
Golf CaddyWestmoreland Country ClubI caddied with actor Bill Murray at Westmoreland C.C. (though he caddied more at Indian Hill C.C. in Wilmette, Illinois
Caddyshack is real. Bill was house president. He graduated a year ahead of me and went to work as a weatherman for a TV station in Ann Arbor Michigan. 

I remember Bill as a red head who sported a bushy, full horizontal mustache. In his current bio photo he looks very much the same, except that a wintry mix has set in in place of sporty red. Currently, he is Chief Meteorologist for WOOD TV, Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo and Holland, Michigan. And he writes a weather blog -- boy, does he write a weather blog.  

Bill riled the global warming crowd in a post this last September. "Despite the occasional media hype (and attempts to tie every weather “event” to “global warming”… er I mean,'climate change' …gotta make a name change here since the Earth’s temperature has been flat since 2002), this has been a quiet year for weather “events” he said. He cited the following temperature graph from NASA displaying the decade-long flat temperature trend.

Steffen accurately predicted "winter weather will come earlier this year than in the past several years."

He quotes a Nobel Prize winner as follows:
Nobel Prize Winner For Chemistry, Kary Mullis: “Global warmers predict that global warming is coming, and our emissions are to blame. They do that to keep us worried about our role in the whole thing. If we aren’t worried and guilty, we might not pay their salaries. It’s that simple.”
Boom, thwack, slam! Steffen continued,
According to this website, Bill Nye gets 25K per speaking event: Bill usually goes to college campuses where tax dollars (directly or indirectly) may be used to pay him. 
There’s a lot of $$$ to be made in climate alarmism.
This man is a clipper system all unto himself. As for arguments about changing ice extents, Bill Steffen cites ice data,
Waaay above average ice in the Antarctic:
Seasonal ice?
It’s been growing for 25 years! That would be 100 seasons!
Arctic ice has seen an incredible increase in the past year: It was the coldest summer north of 80 deg. latitude since records began in 1958.
Going further back in Bill's blog we can find reference to Professor Bryson when commentators took him on concerning his stance on global warming. He relies on reason and evidence -- not black boxes and phony consensus. You do not want to challenge this dude. 

Steffen starts out on the defense.
Bill received the Silver Circle award
from Michigan's chapter of the
National Academy of Television Arts and Science,
recognizing his 38 years in the broadcast business
I am not a climate change denier (and I resent your using that word denier – trying to link anyone who disagrees with your politics to Holocaust deniers. Here’s what Dr. Gordon Brown, physics professor at Duke Univ. says about this unfounded and despicable connection: “Most of the skeptics do not “deny” AGW, certainly not the scientists or professional weather people (I myself am a physicist) and honestly, most of the non-scientist skeptics have learned better than that. What they challenge is the catastrophic label and the alleged magnitude of the projected warming on a doubling of CO_2. They challenge this on rather solid empirical grounds and with physical arguments and data analysis that is every bit as scientifically valid as that used to support larger estimates, often obtaining numbers that are in better agreement with observation. For this honest doubt and skepticism that the highly complex global climate models are correct you have the temerity to socially stigmatize them in a scientific journal with a catch-all term that implies that they are as morally reprehensible as those that “deny” that the Nazi Holocaust of genocide against the Jews? For shame.”)
Then he starts laying out an affirmative case, bringing Bryson into the discussion.
You may be referring to the comment below from Snowy Wit. He presents no science background, just political rhetoric and insults. My climate professor, Dr. Reid Bryson, one of – if not the most famous climatologists in the world during his long tenure at the Univ. of Wisconsin, said on CNBC in 2007 “You could spit and cause more damage to the environment than doubling CO2 in the atmosphere”. You can also google these names and learn from some top-notch climatologists: Dr. Bill Gray (the most famous hurricane forecaster in the world), Dr. Roger Pelkie, Dr. John Christy (Professor of atmospheric science and director of the Earth System Science Center at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, contributor to several IPCC papers, said in a 2009 Energy and Environment paper with David Douglass: “…the data show a small underlying positive trend that is consistent with CO2 climate forcing with no-feedback. … The global warming hypothesis states that there are positive feedback processes leading to gains g that are larger than 1, perhaps as large as 3 or 4. However, recent studies suggest that the values of g is much smaller.”[51] Also in a 2009 opinion piece: “…I see neither the developing catastrophe nor the smoking gun proving that human activity is to blame for most of the warming we see. Rather, I see a reliance on climate models (useful but never “proof”) and the coincidence that changes in carbon dioxide and global temperatures have loose similarity over time.)…former President of the National Academy of Science, Dr. Frederick Seitz,…former President of the American Assn. of State Climatologists, Dr. Pat Michaels…state climatologists Prof. George Taylor, Texas A&M professor John Nielsen-Gammon, the state climatologist of Texas who said: “I still disagree with Dr. Hansen, both on his interpretation and some of his analysis.” He also said this about the Texas drought last year: “There is no evidence that climate change contributed to the lack of rainfall, because rainfall has risen over the past century in the state.”, Professor David LeGates….and I could name dozens more. Now, start here:
And then Bill took on and zapped his critics and their political arguments.

    1. big Daddy BC says:
      So your suggestion is to start with a ‘scientist’ that works for Exxon? LOL Spencer has worked for Exxon for years and he’s the support you provide for your denier position?
    2. Bill Steffen says:
      Dr. Spencer doesn’t work for Exxon – why do you keep lying (like when you said that Romney was a polygamist – he’s not and you lied). Here’s where you can learn about Dr. Spencer: Note: “Dr. Spencer’s research has been entirely supported by U.S. government agencies: NASA, NOAA, and DOE. He has never been asked by any oil company to perform any kind of service. Not even Exxon-Mobil.” How about you bigD? What special interest is paying for that server?
  1. Snowy Wit says:
    Are you aware that ninety five percent of all working climatologist in the world, would disagree with your assertions.
    Are you aware that every scientific academy in the world, unanimously, accepts the conclusions on climate change.
    I suggest you write down your theory on climate change. Have it peer reviewed, and go collect your Nobel prize.
    1. Bill Steffen says:
      Is that how Al Gore got his Nobel Prize? LOL! Remember, he said that “the temperature 2 kilometers down…is several million degrees”. He also said in 2008 that “the Polar Icecap will be GONE in five years”. He’s still got a few months to go, but it’s July 21 and the ice still hasn’t completely melted off of Hudson Bay!
    2. Al Goreacle
      Bill Steffen says:
      And…here’s the story on your “95%” of working climatologists:
      “close examination of the source of the claimed 95% consensus reveals that it comes from a non-peer reviewed article describing an online poll in which a total of only 79 climate scientists (that’s right ONLY 79 in the self-selected poll!!) chose to participate. Of the 79 SELF-SELECTED “climate scientists”, 75 agreed with the loose notion of AGW. Thus, we find climate scientists once again using dubious statistical techniques to deceive the public that there is a 95% scientific consensus on man-made global warming; fortunately they clearly aren’t buying it:
  2. Snowy Wit says:
    The REASON Bill and others similar DENY, the realities of climate change, and climate science, is very simple to explain. They deny the facts and evidence because they are addicted, to their habits and consumptive lifestyles.
    They are true BELIEVERS in our current social and economic models. Which they feel are safe and sustainable to our planets ecosystem. (If it ain’t broke don’t fix it) Is the logic they assert when arguing from their delusional soapboxes.
    They completely IGNORE almost every scientific expert in the field of climatology, in the world. They IGNORE every scientific academy in the worlds consensuses on climate change.
    They do not want to take any responsibility for the catastrophes, they are leaving for the next generations societies. The REASON is they simply do not care, because they will not be alive. They have no EMPATHY for others who are coming into this world completely innocent to their conditions and environment, that was left over for them.
    They are gutless cowards who can not face the music, and the future generations will suffer horribly due to their inactivity.
    1. Bill Steffen says:
      This is what should concern anyone who cares about the next generation:
    2. Snowy Wit says:
      Bill you are just showing your lack of intelligence and displaying your ignorance. By suggesting people view some lunatic, redneck, uneducated video you are suggesting. There are very good REASONS most universities and most scientist do not come from the southern states. Most people who live their do not even believe in science. They believe in ancient superstition and magical sky gods. Most do not give rip about the earth because they believe Jesus is coming back to earth any day now. He just went to go buy some cigarettes about two thousand years ago, and should be home shortly. MAKES PERFECT SENSE RIGHT!
    3. Bill Steffen says:
      You’re full of insults and short on substance, Wit. It’s a slick video with a lot of facts that you’re free to check on your own. At the rate we’re going, we’re headed over a cliff. It’s unsustainable. Each year we are adding $8,000 per family to the National Debt. What if you did that with your family budget? The deficit just this year is higher than the entire cost of government minus Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. You can’t come close to balancing the budget by taxing the rich. You could take all their money and it wouldn’t cover but a fraction of the debt. When it crashes, it’s not going to be pretty. Either the checks will stop coming or bounce…or we’ll print money until we’re Zimbabwe and you’ll need a wheelbarrow full of it to buy your groceries. Instead of name-calling, do the math…find out the numbers…check where our debt is…check the number of rich people. We need get to a sustainable budget.
      A July 2011 Energy Department study found that oil, natural gas and coal received an average of 64 cents of subsidy per megawatt hour in 2010. Wind power received nearly 100 times more, or $56.29 per megawatt hour. Here’s more: article)

He has his math right, he has his macro fiscal analysis right and he has his science right. You show them bud -- way to go Bill!

Bill in his red days.