Friday, December 27, 2013

Doc Wagamon Letters: Chapter 2, Year of Doc

Playing some catch up here -- our Doc Wagamon watch continues.  He recently called out the slickest politician in the land.
November 20, 2013Letters: Wagamon The Huntsville Item
The year of credibility 
Dear Editor:
The Chinese have a series of animals for each year as it dawns in their calendar,  such as the year of the Dragon, a most desirable year to be born, and the Rat, not quite as good but having its saving graces anyway.
The Democrats have given us a year of events to test our credulity — IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, “If you like your insurance you can keep it,” etc.
Not to be outdone by any of these phony scandals, former President Bill Clinton announced in Beijing that he did not know whether Hillary would run for president in 2016 or not. He went on to say if she did he would support her, and if she did not he would support her decision not to run.
Doc Wagaamon in his WW II  garb. 
We do not know if he shook his finger in the TV camera and said, “I don’t know if that woman is going to run for president or not.” 
But in any case a denial of her presidential plans from someone who is as politically astute as anyone on the planet is unbelievable. Surely this possible run for the presidency has come up over a cup of coffee at some point.
Now that there is a national network of “Hillary for President” in place, surely this topic has been broached by either Bill or Hillary.
Nevertheless we have Bill Clinton the biggest, boldest,________________(you fill in the blank) telling us from Beijing he has no idea what’s going on. He is completely ignorant of Hillary’s political plans.
Just when you think there is not one more instance to test our political credulity, Bill Clinton denies he has not thought of being the “First Husband.”
What a gullible bunch he must think we and the rest of the world are.
Charles Wagamon
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  1. Here's the problem with current "Republicans". They really are a clueless bunch. For example, the states where more federal taxes is paid by its citizens relative to what is received are generally Red states, and the states where more federal tax money is RECEIVED by its citizens relative to what is paid are blue states. So despite all the crying from the blue states about misspent federal money, the fact is that the blue states are on the dole, including of course your beloved Montana. Who pays far more than what it receives? Places like Illinois and New Jersey. Indeed, for many decades the scourge of conservatives such as yourself, the Lake Front Liberals of Chicago in Sid Yates 9th district paid more federal taxes relative to what it received than any other congressional district in the country. Then there is this goofiness about the middle class getting screwed in its share of taxes. Total nonsense. The fact is that the top quintile of this country pays taxes that are significantly redistributed to the bottom quintile with the second quintile left virtually undisturbed in terms of benefits received versus monies paid. And of the top quintile virtually half of the redistribution comes from the top one percent of income earners half of whose redistribution goes to the bottom quintile. In short, the policy for a long time has been to take from the super rich and to pay to the much less fortunate and to leave the slightly higher parts of the middle class alone. That strikes me as a wonderful incentive for people to work hard as it means that unless they make it to the highest strata of income, their efforts will be rewarded INCLUDING fair treatment with respect to how they are treated in terms of federal taxes paid versus benefits received from federal taxes. Then there is the matter of income. The average Democrat make more than the average Republican-- by a lot. So it's not about the bucks, it's about other issues such as religion, gender, and type of job. For example, there is a huge difference between women and men, greater than ever before, and of course there is a huge difference between single parent families and families with two parents. But since none of your posts address these issues, you are totally off base with your core assumptions. Indeed, you are so far off base as to be intellectually dishonest. Rather your posts are merely rants that seek NO SOLUTIONS whatsoever. That is not to say that I have tossed in the towel and given up on my party. But the endless simple criticism as portrayed in Charles Wagamon's letter is totally counterproductive and reflects no real thought towards addressing this country's problems. HIs letter is outspoken nothingness. HIs letter does not even reflect what needs to be done from a conservative point of view. So why not grow up a little in 2014 and offer real solutions to the following problems; 1) The cost of medical care in this country versus the cost in other countries, which costs were FAR GREATER even before the start of Obamacare. 2) The need for health insurance coverage for the 46 million Americans who do not have health insurance. 3) The massive debt that has piled up during the Presidencies of Ronald Reagan, both Bushes, and Obama with little paid off during the halcyon days in America under Clinton. 4) The HUGE gap between rich and the rest of the country whose only historical comparison was in 1928/20 just before the Great Depression, and 5) The decline of America's Middle Class. Say something meaningful and constructive Grady. Something that really shows thought and maturity not these endless childish rants that end with "Good Luck to All."

    1. The above post is by my brother Scott Foster. FYI, I know you know nothing of this, but "simplistic" Doc Wagamon ran and was elected twice on the Democratic ticket as County Judge, Walker County, Texas. I will be sure to pass along your wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  2. Blue and Red States mistakenly switched. But all other comments remain.