Monday, December 31, 2012

Bozo Barack

Obama puts on a Fiscal Cliff, "last-second" press conference before a pre-selected, applauding and screeching, politically stacked, worshipping audience, surrounded by a bunch of middle-class mannequins.  John Harwood, true believer, so-called journalist on CNBC says, “This is somewhat of a PR event.”  Harwood better learn how to hold his tongue or he’ll be thrown out of the inner circle.  This is the government you vote for.  This is the government you wanted.  Obama lobbies in his press conference for new investments (i.e., spending, Democrats never spend, they lie) and postponing scheduled spending cuts (which are mostly reduced increases).  Obama clowns around about showing up for New Year's dinner with his mannequins.  You’re getting happy talk, bullshit lies and blame the other guy finger pointing instead of solutions that whittle away the gargantuan debt overhang that will destroy our country.   Best of luck to everyone.  You’ll need it.

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