Monday, December 16, 2013

Use an Obamacare Navigator

Not so you can get accurate information and genuine assistance, of course.

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The Obamacare navigator program is a fraudulent scheme to pay off Obama's ignorant and unqualified political allies.

One of the biggest risks with the program is prospective enrollees have no way of verifying they are dealing with a genuine (ill-trained and ill-informed as she might be) navigator. The House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform reports,
In addition to the risks associated with an insufficient training program and the lack of background checks, there are already numerous reports of scam artists posing as Navigators and Assisters to take advantage of people’s confusion about ObamaCare. According to recent news reports, scam artists are calling individuals and asking for information to sign them up for their “ObamaCare card,” are asking seniors for their personal information to verify their Medicare and Social Security status and are going door-to-door threatening people with prison time if they do not sign up on the spot. The Administration is keenly aware of these reports and concerns, but has thus far failed to take appropriate measures. 
Kathleen's Sebelius' HHS has taken its normal posture of sitting on its hands and hoping for the best, lest she offend or require legitimacy of any of her political allies.
The Committee has also learned that senior HHS officials raised concerns about the government’s inability to authenticate individuals operating as Navigators and Assisters in May 2013. In response to this concern, HHS considered creating a list of certified Navigators and Assisters for consumers to use as a resource. However, HHS decided against the creation of such a list, and Ms. Gottlich testified that consumers will have no reliable way to learn the identity and association of individuals offering to assist them with enrolling in ObamaCare. The failure of the Administration to provide clarity about prohibited marketing and solicitation techniques and to provide consumers with a list of authenticated Navigators and Assisters substantially increases the number of Americans likely to fail prey to fraud and identity theft. 
More interesting tidbits,
In a transcribed interview, Gary Cohen, the Director of the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight within HHS, testified “that requiring background checks and fingerprinting could inhibit the availability of Navigators to provide consumer assistance and to do outreach for the marketplaces” and that there “will be Navigators to serve certain communities which may be unwilling to do that if they had to go through a background check and fingerprinting.”
 Wow!  Uneffing believable.  Look out for the scammers using scanners.
Top HHS officials testified that Navigators and Assisters will be allowed to type personally identifiable information into the online application system on behalf of enrollees. One CMS whistleblower warned that because it may not be possible to track every computer and hard drive used by Navigators to gather applicants’ personally identifiable information (PII), the sensitive information is vulnerable. The CMS whistleblower also warned that the devices used to scan supporting documents may store and save the images containing sensitive PII. 
Good luck to all.

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