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Chemtrails Over California

So say the informed citizens of Shasta County. The Board of Supervisors is opening a full bore investigation.
To combat the chemtrail menace, concerned citizens
inundate July 15 Shasta County supervisors meeting.
REDDING, California - The Shasta County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday afternoon to seek more information on “chemtrails” after nearly four hours of public comment on the issue.
Supervisor Pam Giacomini put the item on the agenda, and a number of so-called chemtrail experts addressed the panel, followed by dozens of speakers who blamed a host of personal and environmental ills on airplane exhaust.
So called? It's about time to put the skepticism aside. This is backed by science.
Supervisor Pam Giacomoni said it was important to listen to people’s concerns in the community and dig deeper when presented with compelling, fact-based information.
“They say they have a lot of science, they presented us a lot of information and I think it’s important for us to have that public discussion,” she said.
A panel of people involved in the movement to raise awareness of the geo-engineering conspiracy started the presentation, telling the board that airplane contrails harm human health and the environment.
“We have a contamination issue that is a danger to the public,” Wigington said.
Climate change programs are at work. The UN is putting its weight behind the cause.

The effects on people and the environment are profound.
Dozens of residents stepped up to the podium to address their concerns. They blamed a host of illnesses to “chemtrails,” including cancer, fibers growing out of their skin, general feelings of malaise, neurological problems and compromised immune systems.
Others ticked off environmental damage, including insects disappearing from one woman’s property, trees dying, aquatic insects dying off in water contaminated by aluminum, drought, wildfires and holes in the ozone layer.
Scientists claiming human caused pollution? Of course. Chemtrails are causing the California drought. Here are the details.
Since at least the 1990′s, chemical weapons have been used in a spray form against the American people from the air, on a more or less continuous basis.  The attacks continue today.  The planes are not the air force of some other country or terrorist organization.
This Chemical Weapons Assault Targets Us, And We Don’t Even Complain
Thanks to the courage of recent whistleblowers, we now have confirmed that they are military aircraft and private contractors working for the U.S. government or its agencies, in cooperation with similar programs under way in many other parts of the world.  Though even local and state government agencies have refused to test soil, water or air samples delivered to them from heavily sprayed areas to identify the chemicals dropped from these planes, we now have extensive data from private labs indicating some of the components of the chemical weapons being used.  We know there are may sophisticated “recipes” involved, but the majority include toxic metals, such as aluminum, barium, strontium, and sometimes others such as lead.  There are also sophisticated chemical ingredients that are capable of many types of destructive effects on soil and all levels of natural life forms, as well as disruptive effects on natural weather patterns and human health.
The Chemtrails – HAARP Combination And The Killer Drought
California's Folsom lake down to 17 percent of
capacity on January 15, 2014.
Possibly in combination with the effects of the HAARP system (see “Angels Don’t Play This Haarp” by Dr. Nick Begich), the calculated spraying of these toxic metal mixtures are capable of radically changing normal jetstream patterns, thus causing climate disruption, and this has now been used to create an extremely severe protracted drought over northern California, where reservoirs that are needed to sustain California agriculture are now near empty.  The implications of this fact are sobering. 
Chemtrails over Dry Lake, California.
This drought-creation effect is extremely important as it is being used in northern California, where it is causing severe damage to California’s agricultural crops, and threatening much worse.   This is happening at the same time as the as the U.S. government’s plan to destroy the U.S. economy moves into its final stages.  Together, these simultaneous programs could lead to non-availability of many foods in the U.S., and prices so high on what is left that most people could not afford to buy it.  For many months now, each storm that comes normally in off the Pacific Ocean to bring rain to the drought stricken area is dissipated with extensive spraying (see detailed accounts at  The small amount of moisture that does fall is toxic.  With orchards already dying and being pulled out due to lack of necessary water, California cannot withstand this continued attack on all its life forms and its soil, especially when combined with the nuclear emergency conditions that continue as a result of the Fukushima disaster.  See an in depth discussion of the details of this combined assault (chemical attack and radioactive fallout), including scientific commentary on the ingredients in the chemical sprays that are affecting human health, at .
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