Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Great Lakes Ice Cover Update

As if anyone needs a reminder, a physical manifestation of this uncommonly frigid winter is Great Lakes ice cover is now up to 87 percent, which is more than twice the average seasonal max.

That is the second highest ice cover for this time of year in the satellite era, just a hair below the 1993-94 winter record.

If the cold weather is getting to you do not despair, for there is still time to fly down to South Africa, where it is summer, to become a Climate Reality Leader, trained by Al Gore and the Climate Reality Project. Round trip you will show your commitment to the movement by generating 2,988 pounds, or 1.36 tons of carbon dioxide (flying New York to Johannesburg). Do it with Al! Good luck to all!


  1. http://mashable.com/2014/02/13/no-polar-vortex-january-wasnt-cold/

    Wonderful article that you might want to read

    1. You are so funny. December and February (so far) have been way below normal. January was also below normal or near normal, including in areas your phony map claims (like where I live) were well above normal. Your temperatures are horribly skewed by, among other things, human manipulation and readings taken over time in intensifying urban heat islands that have essentially zero impact on global temperatures. Absurdly, the pinheads who believe in human caused global warming push building up the urban heat islands, when that increases the bias of their data. Meanwhile, we have near record Great Lakes ice, near normal polar ice (despite the polar vortex moving south) and rapidly increasing Antarctic ice. Al Gore and people of your ilk, said panic give the government more money and power, for we'd by iceless in the north and the polar bears will have drowned by 2013. Al Gore are an idiot.