Friday, February 28, 2014

Montana Democratic Party Slings Mud

Steve Daines is Montana's at large representative in the U.S. House and Republican candidate for the United States Senate seat, recently vacated by Max Baucus (D) to spend more time in Montana, which it turns out is somewhere in the neighborhood of Beijing.  

The Daines family framed by the Bridger Range, just outside of Bozeman.

Steve Daines was born in California to Montana parents who returned to Montana when he was still an infant. Daines grew up in Bozeman. He went to grade school, middle school and high school here. He was a student athlete for the Bozeman High School Hawks and president of the student council. He took his post secondary education at Montana State University in Bozeman where he earned a degree in chemical engineering. After leaving Montana for a spell to develop his career and see the world (unlike Baucus, Daines actually spent considerable time in China and understands the country) Daines returned to Montana to partner with his father to operate the most successful residential real estate construction firm in town.  

Steve Daines files "paperwork" for U. S.
Senate run on his iPhone outside RightNow
Technoligies  in Bozeman, MT, with wife Cindy,
 24 February 2014.
Then Daines was recruited by founder Greg Gianfonte to get in on the ground floor as Vice President of RightNow Technologies, a tech startup right here in Bozeman that operates in the cloud. They grew the company from dozens of hires to employ hundreds. The enterprise was ultimately valued at $1.5 billion when it was sold to software giant Oracle Corp.. RightNow still operates in Bozeman today, where it is a backbone of the local economy, bringing in revenues from throughout the world, and supplying outstanding jobs to many of our neighbors. 

Daines has said too many times to count, that while he was born in California, he was bred Montana, raised Montanan, educated Montanan and worked Montanan -- 5th generation if you track back the lineage. Alas, there was a 12 year old press report quoting Daines as saying he was a 3rd generation Montanan.  

So what is the Montana Democratic Party's lead on why Steve Daines should not be elected? Steve Daines needs to produce his birth certificate to clear up this horrific discrepancy. You can't make this up.

Show Your Birth Certificate, Steve!

Steve Daines Makes Contradicting Claims About Montana Roots

As Congressman Grasps At Ties To Adopted State, He Confuses Facts & Himself  
HELENA, Mont. – The Montana Democratic Party today called on Congressman Steve Daines, who claims in his latest TV ad to be a “fifth-generation Montanan,” to clear up confusion about his roots by releasing his birth certificate.
The Daines campaign swung back hard.
The Daines campaign fired back Wednesday, saying that the 2002 statement was simply a misquote by the reporter and that his family has been in the state five generations. “[Democrats] may be able to dictate the way Montanans live their lives, but unless Montana Democrats want to move Steve’s great-great-grandmother’s grave, they can’t change Steve’s strong heritage as a fifth-generation Montanan,” said Daines spokeswoman Alee Lockman. 
Mr. Daines was born in Southern California, after his father—unable to find work in Montana—took a job there while his mother was pregnant. The family moved back to Montana when Mr. Daines was one year old, and he grew up and attended school there, Ms. Lockman said.

The Democrats know better than you. Do what Daines is doing -- make them eat their own dirt.

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  1. Finally, the Republicans are doing the right thing w their proposal to cut the tax rate to 25% but have a surcharge of 10% for any income above $450K for any professional, while at the same time excluding manufacturers and other entrepreneurs. WE DO NOT NEED MORE PAPER SHUFFLERS. This is a great start. More builders like Mr. Daines is what this country needs. SRF