Sunday, February 15, 2015

Scott Walker -- Dropout

Everybody knows that after 28 years of Presidents who graduated from Harvard and/or Yale, we need more of the same, right?

Wisconsin public school teachers'
\union depiction of Scott Walker.
The left wing media is tied in knots over Scott Walker not having graduated from college. The Washington Post did a deep dive into Walker's college days finding that "questions linger" over Walker's college exit, which means not what the Post says, of course, but that the answers they found were responses they didn't like. 

Even worse for Walker, they have tracked down professors who claim the governor of Wisconsin and presidential hopeful while in school was "utterly bored" in the classroom. Jeez, I hope nobody was keeping track of how many times, back in the day, in Madison, Wisconsin, my pen or pencil trailed off, and my body slumped somnolent as my head dropped and slammed loudly on top of a wooden tablet desk arm, half an hour into a 50 minute lecture.

It is interesting, however, that Walker's professors recall him, when hardly anyone can remember Barack Obama attending classes at all.

What does Scott Walker have to say about this?
When [an interviewer] asked Walker about his college departure last August, he observed that a local TV anchor had likened his experience to that of a number of successful entrepreneurs who left college early. "Once somebody tried to take a dig at me. Ted Perry, the anchor on Fox 6 in Milwaukee … he did this whole thing where he pointed out: What do I have in common with Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Zuckerberg? All of them left in their senior year. Arguably, they did much cooler things than I did. I went to go work at the Red Cross. They started these amazing companies. But it’s the same principle. It wasn’t like getting kicked out or leaving early. I had something to do,” Walker said.
If the media instead of taking politically motivated potshots, are pushing for an earnest, academically gifted candidate, they need look no further than Texas Senator Ted Cruz. 

Before Cruz rose to national prominence, the Post wrote.
At Princeton he was a champion debater. From there he went to Harvard Law School. “Cruz was off-the-charts brilliant,” Prof. Alan Dershowitz told the National Review. Cruz was a founding editor of the Harvard Latino Law Review.
Bring it on liberal media, bring it on.

Ted Cruz marking off successful Republican gubernatorial races in 1994 while a student at Harvard Law School. Note upper left the victory of Oregon Democrat governor John Kitzhaber who is resigning this week in disgrace after decades-long corrupt rule. 

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