Saturday, October 17, 2015

Saturday Pictures

We took a road trip today, motoring south past Big Sky and West Yellowstone and then through Yellowstone National Park, into Grand Teton National Park, and then across the Tetons to Idaho, returning to Bozeman via Island Park and Ennis. Here are a few things we saw along the way.

Four miles north of West Yellowstone we spied a cow moose and her two maturing calves munching aquatic flora in the Madison River. There are moose in Montana for sure, but they tend to be solitary and are seldom seen. A person actually has a better chance of seeing a bear, so it was a banner day, especially for Teresa who had not previously seen a Montana moose.

In Idaho we saw plowed potato fields and cut hay fields and a cemetery or two. For posterity's sake, here a few photos.

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