Monday, November 18, 2013

Eighty Percent Is Success

It was leaked to the Washington Post that Dear President and his minions lowered the bar. 
The Obama administration will consider the new federal insurance marketplace a success if 80 percent of users can buy health-care plans online, according to government and industry officials familiar with the project. 
The goal for how many people should be able to make it through the insurance exchange is an internal target that administration officials have not made public. It acknowledges that as many as one in five Americans who try to use the Web site to buy insurance will be unable to do so.

The measure is the first concrete performance standard in the 31/2 years since the government began to design the health exchange, and was defined by a group of federal officials and technical experts in late October. It is now guiding the work of hundreds of government employees and contractors racing to try to repair the balky Web site by the administration’s Nov. 30 deadline.
A concrete performance standard. So sweet. If 80 percent is the gold standard for this administration, forgive me but, isn't only logical to ask why the f**k they had to mess with 85 percent of the population who buy health insurance to address health care for a fraction of the 15 percent who do not? Just asking.  

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