Friday, November 1, 2013

Bye Bye Employer Plans

Looks like you can throw employer health care plans you liked out the window too.Here is the deal dude. Obama is going to hit up employer plans next year the way he hit up individual plans this year. He delayed the employer mandate, hoping you wouldn't notice B4 2014 mid-term elections. Dear President is a sweetheart. 

"Incidentally, equally punitive regulations will hit more than 90 million employer-sponsored health plans next year. It's the same problem as the individual plan. Grandfathering won't work. Moreover, replacing these with much more expensive products will constitute a major tax hike on the entire economy. This point shouldn't be lost as Americans worry about being kicked from their plans. Obamacare is not only anti-freedom but anti-growth."

The only person outside of the Oval Office who is feeling lights out excited about all this is Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. Turns out he was right.  Obamacare wasn't a health care bill. It was a huge tax bill (pun intended).  

Shop around, shop around baby, but not for a new health care plan.

Good luck to all.

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  1. Obamacare was a disaster from the day it passed, but the adverse consequences have only begun to become apparent. Early polling suggests that only about one in four people understood they were being lied to from the beginning.

    Yes, give them their third, fourth, and fifth chance for a big government solution. They will get it right. They promise. And the next time whatever Dear President has been installed to be the phony lobby on behalf of the proletariat will speak the truth. Hah, hah.

    Costs go up not only in the short term, but in the long term and forever. We hate to interrupt with reality, but virtually every government healthcare intervention in the U.S. has permanently increased the cost of healthcare, despite lies to the contrary. The only time we've had an actual decrease in health care costs in recent decades was after Hillarycare failed. The temporary cessation of new government intervention was followed by decreased costs. Look it up.

    Framing problems in terms of how much health insurance people have is how the country fell for the Obamascare scam in the first place, with the primary impact of the law being increased revenues and power for the large insurance companies. This was absolutely intended, because insurance company lobbyists wrote the critical portion of the bill. I literally saw them dance in the streets when Obamacare was passed. Conflicts of interest abound -- the now prime contractor QSSI (CGI has been demoted in stature but not expense) is a subsidiary of, United Health, the nation's largest health insurer. QSSI certifies health care plans for HHS -- regulating your competitors, nice work if you can get it., .

    Three things need to be done -- first, review and rationalize of the network of low cost and no cost clinics (or clinic set asides) for the truly poor, state and local focus -- sick people should go to clinics, not emergency rooms. Two, anyone who is physically able should have a work/training/education requirement to satisfy when they receive free or subsidized healthcare beyond a stated minimum. Three, the government enforced state insurance oligopolies need to be broken up and insurance company reporting on terms and conditions (disclosures) needs to be rationalized to open up true choice and genuine competition.