Monday, November 18, 2013

Pragmatic Conservatism

If what Jonathan Mosely is writing over at American Thinker is what conservatism is fundamentally about, then I may be willing to be labeled a conservative after all.
Liberals spin grandiose schemes of utopias based on their belief that government can work miracles, that government can spin straw into gold.  Conservatives oppose those flim-flam scams partly because government cannot actually accomplish what liberals hope. From the Federal Reserve creating economic growth out of thin air, to inventing green energy jobs, to controlling global climate, to changing human nature, to wishing away problems, liberalism depends fundamentally on a belief in the god-like omnipotence of government. 
Portrayed as heartless and uncaring, conservatives would love to see the benefits that liberals day dream about.  But conservatives live in the real world, where facts govern.   Conservatives are not fooled when liberals put on their Professor Harold Hill routine, trying to sell air to the voters.  The limitations of government must be clearly confronted.  Liberals assume that government, being their god, can do anything.  Conservatives have their doubts.
Which also explains why I support actual religions and freedom of religion, every single one of them. Matters of faith and mystical beliefs are best left to voluntary associations competing for attention, membership and support, rather than imbued in crass power mongering political handlers who enforce acceptance using the police power of the state. Amen.

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