Saturday, March 8, 2014

Why Obamacare Doesn't Work

It's really not complicated.  This was highly predictable.

I have spoken with a number of generally healthy, hard working, responsible and uninsured individuals (or previously insured in the individual market) with moderate incomes who are not going to sign up. They sat down, worked out the numbers, and decided no. The community rated, mandated liberal math, that underlies the program, does not work for them. They will wait to sign up until they are sick, or reach an age or a state of health that raises their risk, to the point that signing up is financially feasible. 

This is a big fucking deal.
It's really a fraud to call Obamacare insurance because it is not insurance anymore. It is not even prepaid medical services. Rather, Obamacare is a program that institutionalizes and deeply ingrains an individual's right to pass along healthcare costs to others.

At one time or another, most of you have voted for this.  God help us all.

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