Saturday, May 24, 2014

Saturday Pictures

Saturday Pictures
May 24, 2014
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We celebrate Memorial Day by flying the American Flag and remembering those who gave their lives to protect our country and secure our freedoms.

We frequently publish a photo of the neighboring white barn in the winter with white foreground and background. It's only fair that we should show it in green.

Looking over the white barn to the Story Hills, leading up to the Bridger Range, we see two homes on the other side of the valley. Daytime they blend into the scenery. At night they stand out by their lights.

Looking across to Mt. Baldy, 8914 ft., we see the peak is still checkered with fields of snow.  With warm weather forecast the rest of this week the white will disappear. But Bozeman weather being what it is, we will not be the least bit surprised to wake up some morning or mornings in June and see the peak coated in white yet again.

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