Wednesday, May 14, 2014

NASA Loses It

Now that NASA is losing funding and support to do what it was originally created to do, i.e., send people into space, and is re-purposing itself to justify its continued existence, the bureaucracy is getting our attention by warning us that glaciers flow!  That's startling news. Here I always thought those moraines and glacial deposits were created by Martians. So you all are inevitably gonna drown in 5, 10 or 20 feet of water. Pick a number, any number. It's in the fix. 

As a next step, NASA investigators will report
on the role glaciers play in carving mountain valleys. 
These guys keep on making one discovery on top of another. Just to think, it was only a few years ago that they concentrated their intellectual firepower into a 14 person commission which figured out that rubber becomes brittle at low temperatures. NASA has tremendous insight and powers of observation. Whenever I plan anything I say, "What would NASA do?"

But the dire deed is not going to happen to us up here in Bozeman. We are a safe, dry 4,820 feet above sea level (4,984 feet at the end of the valley, here at Along the Gradyent). And from our perspective, east, west, north and south it's not water, water everywhere. No, whichever way you look there is snow up the mountains all around. We got the Bridgers, the Gallitans, the Madisons, the Tobacco Roots, the Elkhorns and the Big Belts. Our glaciers have already retreated. Move off the barrier islands, and away from sea, pond and lake shores and river banks. Abandon the Pacific and Atlantic, the Great Lakes, the Mississppi and the Missouri rivers and leave that wretched city along the Potomac. Dump Florida, forget about Louisiana, the Carolinas and Manhattan. LA, you are toast. Come on up! Our Chamber of Commerce welcomes you. Avoid Armageddon -- now!

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