Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday Pictures

Saturday Pictures
October 11, 2014
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When we were down in Yellowstone a couple of weeks ago I realized I had left the mega capacity memory card we use in the Nikon camera back home in the front slot of my notebook computer. I found the smaller capacity backup we store in the camera case for such eventualities and used that to shoot some scenes. 

Later, when we downloaded the backup card for editing and archival selection we were pleasantly surprised to see a treasure trove of back in the day Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia photos, featuring our girls in period dress. During the 2013 federal government shutdown, we blogged a recommendation to visit Williamsburg (owned and operated by a private foundation) and Mount Vernon (ditto). Had the shutdown continued another week we would have recommended Monticello as well. Government shutdown or not, when we lived inside the Beltway in Northern Virginia, those were my three favorite places of historical note to visit. The privately run operations are much better than just about everything the government has to offer. When you travel to DC or Virginia, we highly commend these fascinating destinations.

Here are some of the "lost" photos, highlighting our girls in period costume, with matching outfits for their American Girl dolls no less. Enjoy!

Waiting for the carriage along Duke of Gloucester Street.

In the carriage.

American Girl dolls.

Posing with period actors.

Along the village green.

Playing the harpsichord (really).

In the warm spring sun.


  1. Our kids' custom costumes and matching American girl sized doll dresses were made by ferniesfinds on ebay. We bought their straw hats at Colonial Williamsburg. This was during our homeschool year. Tourists in Williamsburg would compliment the dresses then ask if we were on a school field trip, "Yes. We're homeschooled." Some people would look shocked or embarrassed -- as if they had just insulted some fundamentalist homeschoolers who probably dressed like this every day. Sheesh. Our little girls WISHED they could dress like that every day.

  2. This brings back such fond memories when my (34-year-old) daughter was young and I made her and her Cabbage Patch doll matching dresses. Your girls are fabulous in colonial dresses - they look like they were thoroughly enjoying their adventure. Thanks!