Saturday, November 1, 2014

Prognosticators Got This One Right

One of the things that the political prognosticators are getting right this time around is that the race for the open US Senate seat in Montana is absolutely over. Here we are the weekend before the election, and not a plug nickel is being spent on local television ads. Democratic candidate Amanda Curtis is not spending because she doesn't have anything to spend. Republican candidate Steve Daines, who Curtis repeatedly accused of being out to "buy" the election, is not spending because he does not need to. The man is a true fiscal conservative, and a gentleman who does not pile on.

Steve Daines and Amanda Curtis at the televised senate debate in Billings on October 20. Daines graciously agreed to multiple debates with Curtis even though that was her only means of gaining statewide TV exposure. Daines has refrained from attacking his opponent. She has done almost nothing but.

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