Friday, November 28, 2014

Hillary Clinton's University Tours

I am sure you all are dying to know how your next Presdent of the United State is sustaining herself and her political team while between jobs. 

Look at what she scored for a recent appearance in La La land.
Hillary Clinton reading from a teleprompter at UCLA.
When officials at the University of California at Los Angeles began negotiating a $300,000 speech appearance by Hillary Rodham Clinton, the school had one request: Could we get a reduced rate for public universities?
The answer from Clinton’s representatives: $300,000 is the “special university rate.”
She is fifty thousand upping Bill.
In 2012, former president Bill Clinton delivered the inaugural Luskin lecture at UCLA for $250,000. Upon learning that Hillary Clinton’s fee would be $300,000, Guy Wheatley, a UCLA development official, wrote in an e-mail: “Wow! She get’s $50K more than hubby!” 
Luskin told a university official to make sure the event raised at least $100,000. The university sold more tickets — which ranged in price from $250 for one seat to $2,000 for two seats, a photo with Clinton and access to a post-lecture reception with the college deans — and provided fewer free tickets to students.
Remember how "dead broke" they were? The Clintons had to get "mortgages for houses" and "make double the money because of obviously taxes." It's great to see she continues to make progress. 
Perhaps recognizing the awkwardness of her financial gluttony your next president offered what must be her super university rate at the University of Las Vegas in October, dropping the fee to $225,000. I think I understand why. It would not have looked good to look greedy when giving a speech criticizing the high cost of college tuition.
"Higher education shouldn’t be a privilege for those able to afford it," Clinton told a crowd of approximately 900 people. "It should be an opportunity widely available for anybody with the talent, determination and ambition."The former secretary of State said that many students are affected by student loan debt "that can feel like an anchor dragging them down," and praised President Obama for increasing federal Pell grants by $1,000.
Hillary Clinton on the Teleprompter at UNLV.
Her speech fee itself, though, was controversial. Clinton first made headlines in June for the address when it was revealed UNLV was paying Clinton the steep rate to speak at the foundation's ritzy dinner at the Bellagio hotel and casino. 
UNLV students protested her visit, insisting the university instead spend the money on scholarships -- as tuition at the school will increase by 17 percent over the next four years.
“You could give scholarships to thousands of students, benefit research on campus, give more students grants for research and studying,” Daniel Waqar, student relations director for the UNLV Student Government, told Nevada political journalist Jon Ralston in June.
Hillary had a big message, a very important message, certainly worth 225 smackers to the university community, don't you think?
In the end, the politicians who scream the loudest about the high cost of college do the most to pay off their cronies, drive up input costs, and add non-essential overhead that inflates tuition, sucks money out of student pockets and imposes burdensome debt. Thank you our next President Hillary Clinton, we appreciate your leadership.
Have a good day and good luck to all.

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