Saturday, August 15, 2015

Saturday Pictures

Saturday Pictures
August 15, 2015

It's harvest time in Montana. An early spring snow melt meant the wheat fields were planted a bit early this year. The result is a mid-August harvest. We took these pictures of farm machinery reaping the bounty in the field behind our home a few hours before the smoke from the Eustice fire washed out the scene. We are thankful for God's bounty.

The south section baled and stacked, Gallitan Range in the background,

It is a two step process. the combine reaps, threshes and winnows, cutting the stalks and separating the kernels from the leaves and stems. The stalks are left behind in rows for a baler.

To the north lies the Bridger Range above the original red barn.

To the east is the canyon leading up to Bozeman Pass, featuring "the nose" or "George Washington in repose," depending on who is describing.

Here comes the baler.

The baler passes several bales from earlier circuits.

Disgorging a completed bale.

Hay field in the Story Hills, peaking above the barn.

Here comes the combine.

There goes the combine, leaving a trail of straw behind. The winnowed grain is stored on board and periodically transferred to a waiting truck for transfer to long term storage.

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