Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day 2016, Bozeman, MT

Memorial Day Parade
Bozeman, Montana
May 30, 2016

Bozeman American Legion Post 14 sponsored the Memorial Day parade down Main Street today honoring those who gave the ultimate sacrifice in defense of family, neighbor, life and liberty. Here we share memories of the day. 

Boy Scouts from Belgrade passed out American flags to spectators up and down the route to wave in recognition of the participants and to honor of those who gave their lives.

The stars of the parade were veterans who served in wars and campaigns from World War II,  to the Korean War, to Viet Nam, to Desert Storm and Desert Shield, to the Iraqi and Afghanistan operations, and others.

The marines were well formed and well drilled.

We welcomed and applauded Viet Nam veterans.

Crow Nation National Honor Guard and veterans proudly marched.

American Legion Post 14 ferried some of the less mobile veterans in a well appointed jitney.

Honoring World War II ace and Medal of Honor recipient Joe Foss though scholarships and fellowship.

What would a Memorial Parade be without a procession of red, white and blue Mini Coopers?

We had our own mini version of Rolling Thunder.

With a bit different backdrop from Washington, D. C.

Military marching music provided by the Bozeman "Hawks" High School marching band.

Accompaniment on the bass drum by a certain green haired young lady who we are proud to say is recipient of the Congress Bundestag Youth Exchange scholarship, and will attend the Gymnasium next school year in Plau Am See, Germany. Blake, make sure to say hi to Angela for us.

If you get in a heap of trouble down at Big Sky, in Bear Canyon, Yellowstone National Park or anywhere else nearby, chances are the rescue will be via the Gallitan County Search and Rescue, a volunteer operation coordinated by the Sheriff's department.

Every winter they rescue (or sadly recover) skiers, hikers and snow mobile enthusiasts marooned or caught in avalanches in the back country.

Here is a horse drill team, appropriately dressed in US Cavalry regalia, seeing as Fort Ellis, just east of Town, was a historic military outpost providing security for Bozeman from 1867 to 1886.

Fort Ellis all volunteer FD is my local department. If you roll over along I-90 east of town headed up to Bozeman Pass likely it will be Fort Ellis EMTs and firefighters that extract the victims, provide first aid and ensure safe transport Bozeman Deaconess hospital. 

Come visit you hear. And stop and shop at Murdoch's on North 7th Avenue so you can dress up everything West and Montana. 

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