Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hope For a Pope

Pope On A Bus

I'm not Catholic and there are plenty of things the Catholic Chuch does that irk me to no end (like not permitting me to take communion in their environs) so in a sense the new Pope is none of my business.  But I like religions, churches, and sects and beliefs of all manner to be good and strong and moral.  The Catholic Church has inflicted itself (I'm being kind here) with horrific wounds.  It needs to hit bottom on the way to recovery.  Perhaps it is ready.  I kind of like this guy.  He's real.  No limos, not even street cars -- he takes the bus.  There are widespread reports that Pope Francis was the runner up in the last go around.  The Catholic Church sure wasted eight years.  It had best get moving down the new path.

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