Tuesday, May 14, 2013

IRS Flashback -- Tax Cheat Tim Geithner

Is it any wonder that the IRS illegally targeted political groups and illegally leaked confidential information on groups disfavored by Barack Obama during tax cheat Timothy Geithner's watch as Secretary of the Treasury? When disrespect for the law starts at the top it runs rampant throughout government organizations.

As for the independent agency spinmeistering, let me say this.  I worked for an "independent agency" of the Federal Government for 33 years, and interacted literally thousands of times with other "independent" agencies.  I can attest that agency independence is a legal fiction, with an exclusive emphasis on fiction.  Agencies are led by political people who are nominated, appointed and confirmed by elected politicians.  Agency leaders know who they are beholden to and act accordingly.  I wish I had a buck for every time I heard someone say say "We need to check with the Hill", "The White House says", "The President wants", "What does the Secretary want?", "We need approval from OMB", "How will Congress react", "That won't fly with the House" or some such thing.  The influences and control are myriad and complete.  Don't be fooled by Barack Obama or Jay Carney's invocation of the fiction, not in the least.

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