Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My Read on Benghazi

Is not changed in the least from when I posted as follows on January 3rd of this year,
This is how Washington works.   It distorts, deceives and shucks and jives.  It uses bureaucracies, institutions and underlings to deflect blame and absolve leaders of responsibility. Washington protects the guy at the top, always.  It’s understood. And it succeeds unless the guy at the top is so vain that he tapes conversations in his office. At the end of the day the players gather in a circle and congratulate each other for having reformed the system. 
What happened with respect to Benghazi, almost certainly, is Obama said he wanted a light footprint in Libya because having an armed camp didn't fit with his spin on the success of the Libyan intervention, would undercut his claim he had El Qaeda on the run and would discredit his glorification of the Arab Spring. The minions complied. But that will never be directly established because everyone protects the guy at the top.
Since the Iranian Hostage Crisis in 1978 the U.S. has had advance resources and sophisticated and detailed plans in place for immediate deployment, in country and from without, to protect U.S. embassies worldwide in the event of siege, invasion or attack. It's obvious these plans were not activated in Benghazi. That only could have happened by direction of the highest levels of U.S. government -- the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defense, and intelligence agency chiefs, in consultation with the President.

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