Monday, September 30, 2013

Why I Like Mike Huckabee

When I had a chance in the spring of 2008, without a second of hesitation, I voted for Mike Huckabee and against John McCain. One of the things I liked about Mike Huckabee was that he was a realist governor, someone who day by day grappled with the political and operational reality of a state government actually responsible and accountable for delivering services to the people, balancing a budget all the while. Huckabee is a doer and an achiever in the soul of a preacher.
Governor Huckabee took his job seriously and by most accounts was very effective. On domestic issues he is a student and a learner. Huckabee understands what works and what does not. Take his post on Facebook yesterday.
Here’s just what you wanted to hear: there’s a new problem with Obamacare…When Congress passes a 2,000-page health care bill without reading it, you have to expect bad stuff to come dropping out of it like a piƱata past its sell-by date. And the latest surprise is the “family glitch.” The Kaiser Family Foundation reports that the act defines an affordable health plan as costing 9.5 percent or less of an employee’s household income. But they forgot to apply that to the whole family. What that means is that an average plan for an individual costs about $5600 a year. But for a family, it can skyrocket to $15,700. Breadwinners whose employers don’t cover that are looking at huge cost increases. Kaiser estimates that it could leave up to half a million children without coverage. Experts at Indiana University pointed the family glitch out two years ago, and were told, “No, you must be wrong.” They weren’t.
When you sum it all up, Obamacare is a budget busting, liberty and choice destroying monstrosity that is anti-employment, anti-marriage, anti-family and anti-union (ask the Teamsters), and yes, for millions, is taking away their hard earned and previously secure health care coverage. So why are Obama and his Democratic supporters for keeping it? Is it some sort of weird form of tribal allegiance? I don't get it. You tell me.

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