Thursday, January 15, 2015

Addendum to the Lincoln Tavern Post

Earlier this week, when we linked to our Lincoln Tavern post on the We Grovers From Morton Grove group on Facebook, we were invited to join the Morton Grove Historical Society group as well, and did so promptly, where we came across a post that linked to an aerial shot of Morton Grove, said to have been shot in 1938-39. Here is the aerial shot.

One of the reasons I like this overview is it shows that Chick Evans (nee Northwestern) golf course actually had some sand traps back in the day. Further, it showed the golf course layout and bunkering at Glen View Club were exactly then as during the 1960s and 1970s when I caddied there. At the time, much of Morton Grove was an abandoned development (roads cut through and sidewalks installed), much like many of the recession ghost towns sprinkled throughout the United States following the 2008 financial meltdown. There are lot of other interesting gets, like seeing that much of the area that is now St. Paul/Miami Woods was farm land at the time. But this post is about Lincoln Tavern.

To make some sense of the aerial photo in terms of seeing what the Lincoln Tavern looked like, I enlarged and cut out the local portion, wrote in street names and edited in a pointer to the tavern. Here it is.

Note how large the Lincoln Tavern was. The building, plus the ample frontage off of Dempster, took up half the block. On the northeast corner of the same block is the building that was the Dempster Inn and then the Stumble Inn during the Depression, which later became Val's Tavern. Although Poehlmann Bros. bankrupt florist business had been long shuttered, greenhouses remained at that time in the area north of Dempster and west of the Lincoln Tavern, where Park View School and Harrer Park are located today.

Note that on the northwest corner of Austin and Dempster, you can still see the footprint of The Dells back in the woods, though it is hard to say how much of the building remained. Note also, across the street, on the northeast corner of Austin and Dempster, is Murphy's steakhouse, which was in the frame white building there, very much the same through the 1950s and 1960s, when I grew up in Morton Grove. One of the buildings across from Murphy's on the block southeast of the Austin and Dempster intersection housed Club Rendezvous, location of the deadly fire on March 24, 1935.

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