Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Suspects in France

So the kid who allegedly drove the getaway car was homeless and unemployed. According to the New York Times, when he did work he had "menial jobs."
Libération, a French newspaper, described Chérif Kouachi as an orphan whose parents were Algerian immigrants. It said he was raised in foster care in Rennes, in western France, and trained as a fitness instructor before moving to Paris, where he lived with his brother Said in the home of a convert to Islam. He held menial jobs, working at times as a pizza delivery man, shop assistant and fishmonger.

Doing real things that serve real people is menial -- the arrogance of the liberal establishment revealed.

The Times also tells us:
According to the authorities, the third and youngest suspect, Hamyd Mourad, 18, drove the getaway car. Mr. Mourad turned himself in late Wednesday at a police station in Charleville-Mézières in northern France. Le Point, a leading French newsmagazine, said that the two brothers had both been known by the intelligence services, and that Mr. Mourad was unemployed. It said that the police had identified the suspects after one left his identification papers in the abandoned Citroën vehicle used to escape after the attack on Charlie Hebdo.
If I was in a getaway vehicle I would have left identification papers too -- someone else's. Just saying. The authorities are justified in trying to track these guys down, but they should not have blinders on.

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