Tuesday, March 31, 2015

NCAA Final Four -- On Wisconsin!

Wisconsin is in the Final Four -- basketball that is -- not hockey, which is startling to us old timers who graduated about a century ago. While the featured sport may have changed, some things don't. I'm talking about the music. Most are familiar with the "On Wiscosnin" fight song. There are two others -- a fun one "If You Want to Be a Badger" and a sentimental one "Varsity." Listen for each of the tunes Saturday night. Better yet, have a few beers and sing along!

If you want to be badger, just come along with me.
By the light.
Shining light.
By the light of the moon.

On Wisconsin. On Wisconsin.
Plunge right through that line.
Here we go, clear down the field boys.
Touchdown sure this time, (Uh, rah, rah)
Oh Wisconsin, On Wisconsin.
Fight on for her fame.
Fight fellas, fight, fight, fight we'll win this game.
Uh, rah, rah, Wisconsin.
Uh, rah, rah, Wisconsin.
Uh, rah, rah, Wisconsin.

Varsity, Varisty, uh rah rah Wisconsin, praise to thee we sing.
Praise to thee our alma mater. Uh, rah, rah, Wisconsin.

And a few more for good measure, including our winning trip to the old Boston Garden in 1973.

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