Monday, March 30, 2015

Open Memo to Tim Cook and Apple

Mr. Cook:

You can marry whomever you want to marry. You can marry however many people you want to marry, as far as I am concerned. If I was qualified to marry you, I would do so. If I baked wedding cakes, I would bake yours. If I leased out a wedding hall, I would gladly rent it to you for the day. If I was your friend and you invited me to your wedding, I would attend. Or if you choose, you can live without the sanctity or commitment of marriage -- that is perfectly fine by me as well. Live and let live. The key here is your choice.

Now you have come out and demanded the police power of the state be lined up to force others to serve you and yours. You want your choices guaranteed by the state, but you don't want others to have the personal or religious freedom to exercise rights guaranteed for over two hundred years under the U.S. constitution. When you exercise your rights, you see it as a celebration of freedom. When other people exercise their rights, you see it as discrimination. That is unmitigated, self-centered bull. You insist the world be servant to you and yours.

Mr. Cook, you are a bully and a bum, and an embarrassment to the memory and legacy of Steve Jobs.

I will be exercising my freedom of choice going forward by having my family boycott Apple products and divesting myself of Apple stock. You don't get it. Good bye and good riddance Mr. Cook.

Freedom for all!


Along the Gradyent.

Steve Jobs staunchly defending Apple's (and Microsoft's) First Amendment rights and right to discriminate in a May, 2010 email.

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