Sunday, March 1, 2015

Newsreel: Jock Hutchison Wins Open Championship

Jock Hutchison, one of our loops from the days we caddied at Glen View Club, won the 1921 Open Championship on the Old Course at St. Andrews. Jock played with amateur Bobby Jones the first two rounds that year. Jones famously picked up and retired during the third round. 

We recently discovered this newsreel video documenting Hutchison's triumph. Jock is the short guy on the right.

British Pathe supplied the following caption.
Item title reads - U.S.A. Wins Open Golf Championship. "Jock" Hutchison - St. Andrews born, but playing for America, defeats Mr Roger Wethered in play off after thrilling tie. St. Andrews, Scotland.
Jock and Roger stand with their clubs and smile at the camera. M/S as Jock takes a shot. L/S of the course and players on the green. We see Jock being congratulated by the crowd, he takes his hat off and waves.
M/S of Jock and other men as they pose, he holds the winner's cup and pretends to drink out of it. C/U of Jock sat down holding the cup and smoking a cigarette.
Jock also won the PGA Championship in America (1920), as well as the National Open golf championship, which stood in for the U.S. Open in the war year of 1917. Cigarettes didn't strike Jock down. He was born in St. Andrews Scotland in 1884 and died 93 years later at Evanston, Illinois in 1977.

Signed photo of Bobby Jones, "For my old friend Jock Hutchison with all good wishes, Bob Jones."

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