Monday, March 23, 2015

Obama's Stimulus Keeps On Giving great stories on the absurdity of government spending and Democratic profligacy.

The gossip sheets are reporting that Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel will be raising their baby up the road at Big Sky, where they've purchased property at the Yellowstone Club. It's gorgeous, it's exclusive, it's private.

Homesites are available for from $1.65 million to $4.45 million. Condos are available for $5 million to $16.5 million. Custom residences run from $3.65 million to $16.9 million.
Yellowstone Club is a 13,600 acre private residential community set amidst the grandeur of the Rocky Mountains. The Club's superior amenities, easy Montana charm and overwhelming natural beauty present an incomparable venue for mountain living, year-round recreation, and cherished family traditions. Explore the spectacular beauty of the World's only private ski and golf community and the benefits of membership in this exclusive one-of-a-kind club. In addition to the 2,200 acres of powder drenched trails of world-class skiing in the winter and an 18-hole Tom Weiskopf-designed mountain golf course for the summer months, we have a full Outdoor Pursuits program for unparalleled mountain adventures.
And cable television and redundant high speed internet access have been granted gratis to Yellowstone Club residents via Barack Obama and the American taxpayer.

Justin Timberlake and Jennifer Biel were reported to have tied the knot down in Jackson Hole. Now they are bringing their act up to the more exclusive environs of the Yellowstone Club, in Big Sky.
Now, I brook no complaint or jealousy over whatever riches this attractive couple has accumulated. But please, does anyone think they need be beneficiaries of the Obama administration's shovel ready spending?

Check it out. It's a gorgeous place -- and private, private, private.

So you thought Obama's stimulus was done?  Nah, it keeps on cranking away.
West of Bozeman, crews are busily laying cable for Opticom between Belgrade and Big Sky (playground and ski resort for the rich and famous), along Ted Turner's ranch and other intermediate points.
The cables have been laid. The internet is humming. Hundreds of television channels are being piped in. And so it is that Justin and his squeeze, and neighbor Bill Gates, will become the latest beneficiaries of outrageous government largess. How large? Illinois Senator Mark Kirk laid it out for us.
The Silver Fleece Award for the month of July [went] to a $64 million Stimulus award to provide broadband service to Gallatin County, Montana. According to an analysis conducted by Navigant Consulting, 93% of the households in the project's proposed service area were already served by five or more broadband providers. The fact that tens of millions of taxpayer dollars were spent to subsidize broadband service in an area with already strong private sector representation is reprehensible. Perhaps even more staggering, though, is the taxpayer cost of these services per unserved household.
Ted Turner on his Flying D Ranch, Bozeman, Montana
According to the program's own definition of "unserved household", this project cost taxpayers more than $340,000 per unserved household. However, many of these so-called unserved households have access to 3G wireless broadband. Not only are 3G speeds approaching or even meeting Administration broadband standards, but 3G will soon be replaced with 4G broadband, which will far exceed current standards. Subtracting the number of homes that had existing access to 3G wireless leaves only 7 households in the Gallatin County service area unserved by broadband. It cost the U.S. taxpayer an astounding $7,112,422 per household to provide broadband service to the truly unserved population.
The next time some Democratic politician demagogues on the need for spending on infrastructure, remember, this is what they have in mind. You get the government you vote for and I hope you are happy with it.

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