Friday, February 26, 2016

Ditching Michelle Obama Leads to Boom

At Bozeman High School's cafeteria that is. The school system's food service ditched the cardboard for all diet dictated by Michelle (which her kids are not subjected to at elite Sidwell Friends school in Northwest DC) via the federal food lunch program, and is bringing in revenues to make up for the lost subsidy. The Bozeman Chronicle reports:
Food sales are up at the Bozeman School District’s food service, which has struggled financially since the federal government got stricter about healthier foods.
Total revenues last fall semester increased nearly $50,000, compared to the previous fall, Bob Burrows said Thursday.
Michelle Obama's dictates still rule the diet of our decidedly
non-obese middle school and elementary school students.
And that’s with no price increase for the third year in a row, said Burrows, who supervises the school district’s food service and 45 employees. He gave the Bozeman School Board an update this week.
“Traffic is up, revenue is up,” Burrows said. “It’s great.”
Bozeman High’s two cafeterias averaged 1,600 customers a day this fall, compared to 800 to 1,000 the year before, he said.
Last summer the School Board agreed in a rare split vote, 5-3, to let Bozeman High School drop out of the National School Lunch Program, while leaving the elementary and middle schools in it. 
The high school cafeteria was losing customers, which Burrows blamed on the Obama administration’s Healthy Hunger Free Kids Act, which seeks to combat an epidemic of childhood obesity by placing strict limits on fat, salt and calories.
Almost double the customers in the high school's cafeteria? Everyone is happy except the for the proprietors of the local McDonald's, Wendy's and Burger King nearby on Main Street, as many kids are now staying in school to eat nutritious and delicious meals. The Obamas are still meddling in my middle school child's life. They can't leave the White House soon enough.

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