Monday, February 1, 2016

Up the Valley

From time to time at Along the Gradyent we mention places or things that are up the valley. Up the valley it is about three miles to the foot of the Bridger and Gallitan Mountain ranges. Going another mile or two to the end of the road and then literally climbing up the mountain slope lives one of our daughter's high school friends (I will call her Dot), whose home (with stable and pasture) yields incredible views. Sunday I shifted the Jeep into four wheel drive and motored up the snowy and icy switchbacks to drop our daughter off at Dot's for a biology study session. I took the following photos, up the valley. Click to enlarge.

Up the valley looking back down the valley. Gallatin Mountains on the left and Bridger Mountains on the right. 

North to the Gallitan Range.

South to the Bridger Range. Up here you better have your own snow plow (right).

Looking further up the valley to George Washington in repose. You can see this 
rocky outcropping from a distance on our hot air balloon photo (far right). 

 Dot's horse looks kinda like a Pinto.

Dot's other horse looks even more like a Pinto.

Meanwhile, back home at Chez Gradyent the deer came to play (and feed) along a hedge row.

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