Thursday, April 23, 2015

Ain't Worth the Whiskey

Saw a guy with a Georgia Southern University logo bag at Cottonwood Hills golf course yesterday dressed spiffy like he was playing at a course with a dress code in the lower 47. Very polite. You could see his group -- all young guys -- was a little confused at points, moving less than directly from greens to tees like they didn't know the course. Nice swing -- wondered who he was and what he was doing here.

Then this picture shows up on Facebook last night from his golf game the previous day at Bridger Creek -- he's the guy on the right.

And I found he had posted a silo view picture from the 5th hole at Bridger Creek golf course,

where we had a moose sighting last year.

The gentleman had quite a start to his week. He's in town for the Burn it Down tour. Congratulations Cole Swindel.

We've been advising our buddy Ty that should he tour again golf is the route to a sane and sober lifestyle on the road. Coincidentally, I'll be taking him out to Cottonwood Hills for the first time this afternoon.

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