Thursday, April 16, 2015

Saturday Pictures on Thursday

Since we are unlikely to see this sparkling white setting again any time soon I dragged the camera around today (the kids have the cell phones with the good cameras). Browse and enjoy! Click to enlarge.

That's the peak of Mt. Baldy peaking over the ridge -- our Mt. Baldy.

Windswept snow in the field below the barns.

The end of the road...

The Bridgers viewed over Story Hills, from in town.

The original Ted's Montana Grill. The buffalo filet mignon is to die for.

Down home vibe down Main Street. This will be Big Sky's closing weekend -- best conditions in a month due to Wednesday's snowstorm.

Wilcoxson's Ice Cream is locally made (across Bozeman pass over in Livingston). It's to die for. Buy it by the tub.

Looking out of town, east down Main Street.

The Ale Works occupies the old Northern Pacific railroad freight depot and reprises the defunct railroad's logo. The dozens of beers on tap, but more importantly, the selections on its extensive and highly varied menu are outstanding, whether it be American, Italian, or Chinese. It's a can't miss restaurant.

Businesses occupy the old Milwaukee Road freight depot across from the Ale Works.

The Bridgers from the softball complex. Close enough to home to say we are there. Good luck and a great day to all!

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