Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Real Gun Control Agenda

The evil, of course, is in the use of guns.  So how about a real gun control agenda?  Decriminalize and empty the prisons of the perpetrators of victimless crimes and backfill a portion of that vacated space with violent offenders who use a weapon in the commission of a crime. 

1.    Tag extra stints on the sentence for any larceny (15 years extra), assault (20 years extra) or homicide (25 years extra) using a firearm, with no possibility of parole.  

2.    Any murder by firearm proven by incontrovertible evidence gets the death penalty -- by hanging or guillotine.  

3.    And no insanity defense available for crimes committed using a firearm.   Even mentally deranged people understand on some level that they shouldn’t be grievously wounding or killing their fellow man.      

Everybody in this country should understand that they are destroying or ending their life as they know it if they use a firearm as an instrument of violence against people or their property.  Make enforcement of the criminal laws in these areas a real deterrent.


  1. I couldn't agree more. The insanity defense should be grounds for the death penalty all by itself; for the lawyer wasting everyone's time and money...

  2. If the folks that support Gun control are so concerned about the safety of the "CHILDREN" , They should start by requiring Seat Belts On School Buses. Just shows how phoney they are. Jim.