Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lance Losing Luster

     When Lance Armstrong was racing, I came into a signed copy of Lance’s book “It’s Not About the Bike” courtesy of my postal employment.   Having no sentimental connection to the book or its authors, I put it out for auction on Ebay, where the tome was bid up to $125 by a bloke from Australia.   At the same time my big boss, by virtue of his position in the hierarchy, was awarded a signed yellow Tour de France Yellow Jersey.  I told him the signed jerseys were going for $3,000 on up on Ebay, and volunteered to list the souvenir, leveraging the auction with my thousands of positive feedbacks and 100 percent seller rating.  He politely declined.
     Now that Lance is being strong armed into owning up to his lies memorabilia collectors are not paying so high a price.  The latest EBay signed copy sale of “It’s Not About the Bike” was for $49.99.  Signed jerseys have taken a bigger hit, now selling for around $500.  Notoriety pays still but its not so much as the stuff of legend.

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