Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bob and Weave

I’m not talking hair styles.

I’m a few days late on this, but it’s worth pointing out that any competent investigator or interrogator interviews subjects or sources separately and apart, and schedules interviews so respondents don’t have time to compare notes and learn to repeat one another’s lies, deceptions and distortions. The time tested technique is to get each person to commit to his or her story, and then come back at them later with the inconsistencies between answers, particularly when the truth is unknown and there has already been an effort to deceive.  That’s how to drill down to reality.

So, was the Hillary and Barack interview, joint at their insistence and limited to a half hour, really about showing their love and mutual respect?  Not in the least.  It was about washing and cleansing themselves of a spotty record and, more importantly, a scandal in a forum where Steve Kroft had absolutely zero chance to get at the truth. The "state run media" interview was theater.  There was no truth seeking – not in Washington.

We didn’t know what happened leading up to, during or after the administration’s whitewashing of the events in Benghazi.  We still don’t know.  And we never will.

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