Monday, February 4, 2013

Birth Rates Go Splat

Birth rates are plummeting.  While Barack Obama continues to build up and pass on prodigious debt to future generations, the star-struck immigrants and young adults who voted him into office fail to keep up their end of the bargain by producing those generations. This spread-the-debt thing isn't working so well.  The birth rate is the lowest since 1920 the headlines say, which means it's even less than than during the economically devastating years of the Great Depression.  
The fair and accurate headline that the MSM didn't supply is US birth rates are the lowest in recorded history. 

“The study, released (last November), underlines the vulnerability of Medicare and Social Security, the two largest social- insurance programs for the elderly.  Both are funded by payroll taxes on working-age adults, and both are expected to fuel the U.S. budget deficit as baby boomers retire and fewer workers replace them.  ‘When families are small, people rely more heavily on these programs,’ said Ted Fishman, author of ‘Shock of Gray,’ a 2010 book about the world’s aging population. ‘A low birth rate could be a recipe for mass poverty and isolation.’”
Obama, only wants "smart cuts" -- which in his twisted universe means cuts that don't address this demographic tsunami and the baby bust.

“Forget the debt ceiling. Forget the fiscal cliff, the sequestration cliff and the entitlement cliff. Those are all just symptoms. What America really faces is a demographic cliff: The root cause of most of our problems is our declining fertility rate.”

“The fertility rate is the number of children an average woman bears over the course of her life. The replacement rate is 2.1. If the average woman has more children than that, population grows. Fewer, and it contracts. Today, America's total fertility rate is 1.93, according to the latest figures from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; it hasn't been above the replacement rate in a sustained way since the early 1970s.”

“The nation's falling fertility rate underlies many of our most difficult problems. Once a country's fertility rate falls consistently below replacement, its age profile begins to shift. You get more old people than young people. And eventually, as the bloated cohort of old people dies off, population begins to contract. This dual problem—a population that is disproportionately old and shrinking overall—has enormous economic, political and cultural consequences.”

Party on Barack and friends, stick it to the next generation, party on. 



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  2. Thanks. That's the view off our front porch. It's a special place.