Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Obama's War Against Children

Bozo Barack is back.

Obama stood in front of his union-organized police and firefighter mannequins this morning. The liar-in-chief deceives. Your house will burn down, your home will be burglarized, your children will be abandoned, the economy will fall apart and you will be unemployed if the federal government is forced to go ahead with 2 point something percent in spending cuts. You are insane to support this prevaricator. When Obama says we need to balance tax increases and spending cuts he carries on the legacy of Ken Lay, Jeffrey Skilling and Andy Fastow by using Enron style accounting -- tax increases are actual increases that will burden our children and grandchildren, while spending cuts are reductions in the rate of real spending increases on the self-centered, egocentric Baby Boomer generation. Let me be clear, progressives hate our children.  I for one will not stand for it, not for one second.

NBC news says "The speech featured no new, concrete proposal from the president detailing how he would prefer for Congress to replace the sequester." 

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