Thursday, February 28, 2013

Liars, Liars Pants on Fire

A hundred West Virginia teachers in a single school district getting pink slips?  40,000 teachers nationwide losing jobs?  So says Obama Education Secretary, POTUS basketball pal, People’s Republic of Arlington Virginia resident, Harvard graduate and fellow Chicago politician Arnie Duncan.  Arnie earns a Four Pinocchio, or maximum lie Whopper rating from the Washington Post.  That’s because there were no jobs lost, there may never be a job lost, and the only notice teachers received was of a pending reorganization, indicating jobs might be transferred (or a few eliminated) for reasons totally unrelated to the sequester.

Meanwhile, Michelle Obama, still luxuriating in the afterglow of her framed by Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine mannequins Oscars appearance last week, blindly takes credit for declining obesity rates predating FLOTUS’ PR campaign to reduce the number of childhood fatties.  Barack must be so proud of you Michelle – your country not so.

Washington lies and liars figure.

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