Saturday, February 2, 2013

Had En-Nerf

Last night I saw this poster displayed in the sixth grade common area at Sacajawea Middle School.  Teacher asked students to chronicle growth from K to 5 elementary school student to middle schooler.  This kid told it like it is.  No suspension or expulsion here; even in the MSU liberal land portion of the county, they support 1st and 2nd Amendments.

Sixth Grade Poster

Text is as follows:

(Left Hand Column) I used to look like this
(Student’s Childhood Picture)
I used to shoot this
(Nerf Gun Picture)
(Center Column) I used to shoot nerf guns,
But now I shoot real guns.
I used to watch SpongeBob,
But now I watch mythbusters,
I used to watch TV a lot.
But now I read and watch TV equally,
I used to play the recorder.
But now I play the guitar,
I used to play angry birds.
But now I play call of duty mw3,
I used to shoot only guns.
But now I shoot guns and bows,
I used to build Lego structures.
But now I build weapons,
I used to sled.
But now I ski,
I used to read Boxcar children.
But now I read Percy Jackson and the Olympians,
I used to bug my sister.
And I still do!
(Right Hand Column)
(Student Picture Brandishing Military Style Weapon)
But now I shoot something like this

By the time this kid finishes high school I bet he does something totally out of line with the progressive agenda – like drive over to Gallitan Valley Mall and sign up for the National Guard.

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  1. Sounds like the kid has his head screwed on properly and will likely grow up to be a huge success.