Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Stand Against Al Gore and the Oil Sheiks

US Gas and Oil Pipelines
This current US map shows existing oil and gas distribution pipelines.  From Canada, Keystone Pipeline will provide a new, and under NAFTA, essentially domestic source of oil that will reduce the economic leverage and political influence of countries like Venezuela and the sheikdoms in the Middle East.  It will also carry oil from the Bakken oil fields.  Though we in Southwest Montana live hundreds of miles distant we have neighbors employed in the Bakken.  They work two weeks on, two weeks off, bunking in barracks when on duty, just like workers on Alaska's North Slope.  The Keystone is good for energy security, it fits in with an existing network of pipelines whose environmental incidents are incredibly minor, few and fleeting, and it will be fantastic for the economy.  Your panties have to be wound in a very tight and elitist bunch to be against this one, or you have to be Al Gore, paid off to the tune of $100 million by the Oil Sheiks.

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