Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Hangover Doesn't Feel Any Better

I ranted on Facebook last night.  This,

Ronald Reagan fired 11,345 air traffic controllers and kept the air traffic control system humming and on course. At the direction of the White House, the partisan hacks in the Obama administration use modest budget restraint as an excuse to snarl the air traffic control system and create blockages. Barack Obama loves his politics and has nothing but disdain for ordinary citizens who get in the way of his exercise of political prerogative.

And this,

This Boston thing is getting curiouser and curiouser, smart strapping young man a resident alien on welfare, while on welfare flies back and forth to Russia staying months (where did that money come from?), leaving behind wife and infant daughter, develops somehow along the way expertise in building a range of effective explosives. I don't know where this all leads, but there is a lot to this story and we damn well better be told all about it. No Benghazi stonewalling on this or there will be hell to pay.

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