Friday, April 5, 2013

Progressive Triple Header: No Responsibility Nation Surges Forward

Progressives Got Their Way, 
Bless Them!
Congratulations Barack and the progressives!  You are surging forward on three fronts.

First, hundreds of thousands (half a million in March) of people moved out of the labor force (i.e., they don't even bother looking for a job) on top of the millions of labor force participants that Barack's entitlement nation has already suckered out.   Labor participation rates are back to what they were in the Jimmy Carter era -- you know back in the days when women didn't work -- that's progress.

Second, now in the fourth year of economic recovery, food stamp rolls continue to swell to record levels month after month, up 70 percent during the Obama administration.  I know, I know, it's just not fair to ask people to feed themselves when they have so many other uses for their disposable incomes. 

Third, young adults are more clever than ever.   In record numbers people who are not old enough to retire are working the disability system to receive lifetime social security payment annuities, in many cases, decades before they have contributed their fair share.  I know, I know, that poor dude who shows up for work at the Costco everyday in his wheel chair, checking membership cards and receipts -- that's asking way too much -- cut him a check.  

And that's just the news in the last week.  Mr. President and your progressive supporters, you are breaking the bank and brokering away the future.   Social and economic justice are wonderful things.  You are running a hell of a show!

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