Tuesday, April 9, 2013

To Meet a Cousin

This coming Sunday, we have arranged to meet a cousin and his wife for the first time.  They traveled down to Salt Lake City to do some genealogical research and are stopping by on their return to Alberta for proper introductions.  Our common ancestor is my great grandfather, William Foster, born in the early 1800’s, and founder of Bathgate, North Dakota in 1881. 

I’ve been in contact with the Mrs. the last couple of years courtesy of cyberspace.  She had posted a request for family information that I responded to.  I’ve done a bit of research – if I have it right, it appears her husband, the family member actually my cousin, is a semi-retired provincial judge, who once was Attorney General and MP in the Alberta province.  I mentioned that to my kids, and they asked, like a real judge, with robes and all that?  I said sure, not only robes but maybe even a powdered wig, Canada being part of the British Commonwealth.   They could ask.  The kids seemed a bit intimidated, so Teresa reminded them that their grandfather was a judge, a county judge down in Texas.

Doc's County Judge License Plate
Judge Wagamon served as Walker County Judge from 1995 to 2003.   The kids are eagerly looking forward to the meeting once again.  

I am guessing, but don't really know, that I am a second cousin, once removed, which would make my kids second cousins twice removed, or something like that.  If my Aunt Margaret were here, God rest her soul, she knew all the ins and outs of cousin classification   Whatever the technicalities, the meeting will be interesting and fun.

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