Monday, January 27, 2014

Morning Musings on the Misleading

I was momentarily encouraged.

On the front of the paper this morning, we learn that "North Dakota's congressional delegation is pressing the Obama administration to reverse course on proposed changes that would significantly reduce the amount of ethanol in the country's fuel supply." Wow, something sensible I thought. The government is pulling back on one of its green in name only environmental follies -- a corny requirement. Alas, it is not to be. The EPA is merely maintaining the current insanity which has driven up food prices, polluted rural environments, and recklessly put sensitive and marginal lands into crop production. Only in Washington, DC is maintaining the status quo considered a significant reduction.

Then, a dose of redemption on the editorial page was Thomas Sowell's latest column, beginning thus:
Someone summarized Barack Obama in three words -- "educated," "smart" and "ignorant." Unfortunately, those same three words would describe all too many of the people who come out of our most prestigious colleges and universities today.
Sewell recounts the collapse and destruction country states and regimes over the centuries whose overarching goal is economic equality. He points out that
President Barack Obama awards the Presidential Medal of Freedom
to the richest of Americans, Warren Buffett.
there is no income gap between men and women when they are "in the same occupation, with the same skills, experience and education, hours of work and continuous years of full-time work."  He points out that the income studies about the status of the 1 percent do not concern "flesh-and-blood human beings" who contrary to the studies' implications "are moving from one bracket to another over time."  Sowell is a good read.  Check him out. 

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