Friday, January 10, 2014

Pathetic Job Numbers

The print, borrow and spend economy is not real; it's not working sheeple. We are living a lie and running an abject failure.

Today's job numbers were south of pathetic. New payroll jobs numbered 74,000 (less than half the pace needed to keep up with population growth) and the unemployment rate "dropped" to 6.7 percent, not driven by employment but by people giving up on a life of work. We have not had this low of a labor participation rate since the halcyon days of Jimmy Carter

People are discouraged from looking for work and cannot find decent jobs when they do. And Dear President announced this will be the year of tackling income inequality, while at the same time doing everything in his power to control, regulate and undercut the real economy and to subsidize sloth.  

President Barack Obama has appointed Janet Yellen (center) to continue four more years the money printing regime that robs the real economy of vitality and drives enormous increases in income and wealth inequality. 

We uncorked the lid on Obama's pious absurdity last April.

There is a fool born every minute. Obama thanks God for that.
It is shocking how foolish the American people are. They support Barack Obama and his policies because he supposedly promotes middle class values and has the interests of the 99 percent at heart. The reality is totally different. I am befuddled, perplexed, dumbfounded and dismayed by the ignorance and the gullibility of the average American.

The Pew Research Center released a new study this week which reveals the obvious – that Obama’s print (money), borrow (money) and spend (money) policy triad favors people with money -- the uppercrust. Obama is a money lever guy, not an economic leader. The money changer in chief doesn't understand or promote a value driven economy. Real exchanges of actual goods and genuine services drive value and build a strong, broad based and resilient economy and sustainable economic growth. The demand and production led economy that we should be building has attributes that reach into every household.
I said,
In the world of Obama wealth disparity has not merely skyrocketed among economic groups, disparities have also soared to record highs levels between whites and blacks, and whites and Hispanics.  And those poor old seniors, the folks on whose behalf that AARP incessantly whines, they are gaining dramatically compared to the young people who actually work, and incomprehensibly vote for and support Obama.
The right overarching strategy is the real economy, yes, and the Federal Reserve Board and banking system paper-based (in the modern era, digital currency) economy, no. Strategy execution requires a federal bureaucracy that thousands of times a day in dozens of different ways makes every small step that works in the right direction, when Obama's regulatory administrative behemoth does exactly the opposite.

You have gotten what you voted for.  Good luck to us all.

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