Friday, January 17, 2014

Obamacare Lies Go Viral

The White House is grossly overstating (i.e., lying about) the number of people who have signed up for accounts as a result of Obamacare -- the Medicare component by possibly a factor of ten and private insurance by a yet undisclosed amount. The Barack Obama originated and perpetrated frauds continues.

The only question about this is why the horse manure that is spewed forth by Dear President, his political organization and his White House lackeys only gets three Pinocchio's from the Washington Post.

Look closely at this tweet by the @BarackObama account, maintained by the pro-Obama group Organizing for America. The 6 million figure comes from combining a figure of 2.1 million for people selecting a plan via state and federal exchanges, through December, and 3.9 million for Medicaid, through November. Thus the claim that “6 million Americans have already signed up for coverage thanks to health reform.”
There is much less to the Medicaid figure than meets the eye. (The exchange figure has been updated recently, to 2.2 million, but not the Medicaid figure.) Indeed, there has been vast confusion about what this figure means, especially in the news media. The Fact Checker cited the 3.9 million figure in a few recent columns, but prodded by a colleague as well as an interesting analysis by Sean Trende at Real Clear Politics, we decided to take a closer look. 
Bottom line: This number tells you almost nothing about how the Affordable Care Act is affecting Medicaid enrollment. Reporters need to stop using it.
So nice, the Washington Post looking our for other reporters. Wondering who is going to get fired for misleading the American people?  The answer to this, of course, is no one, for the political whores installed in the White House have no integrity whatsover. You get what you vote for and you vote for what you get.  Good luck to all. 

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