Friday, January 31, 2014

Government Can't Do It, Duh!

The Washington Post buried the damning Obamacare poll results in the last paragraph.
It [the Kaiser poll] found that a quarter of the uninsured had a favorable view of the law this month, while nearly twice as many held an unfavorable view. While the uninsured were negative overall about the law in December, they were less so then, with 36 percent of uninsured people offering a favorable assessment and 43 percent responding unfavorably.
Here is a full and transparent look at the poll results now that the website is supposedly fixed, comparing the last data point (Jan.) to the old days of the failing website, free of double and triple negatives, obfuscation and sad sack excuses.
Source: Kaiser Family Foundation Health Tracking Poll

Those without health insurance, whom Obamacare was supposedly intended to help, are turning their backs on the monstrosity. Less than one out of four of the alleged beneficiaries have a favorable impression. As the uninsured have learned about the law, support has dropped over 60 percent (from 57 to 24). With all the promotion, education, navigating and speechifying, subsidized by billions of dollars of taxpayer support, as many as ever of the target audience don't know what to think about the spaghetti mess. Obamacare is an epic government failure.

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